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NRM cadres refuse to vote party flag bearers ‘who cheated’

FILE PHOTO: NRM supporters are scrutinizing their candidates

Bushigayi, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | NRM cadres from Bushigayi town council Bukibokolo Sub Counties have rejected proposal to vote NRM flag bearers.

They revealed this evening during a meeting with the NRM leaders of Bududa district who asked them to vote NRM flag bearers only and leave the independents and other parties.

According to them, a number of their strong candidates who contested during the NRM Primaries did not loose but were cheated and so they are going to vote them regardless of the party because they are the capable people whom they wanted not those whom cheated them, adding that a number of those holding the flag for NRM in the district were not genuinely voted.

Peter Namwalye, a cadre from Kimaa village said he is an adult who is above 18 years to decide what is good and bad but not to be dragged by opportunists. He said he does not vote according to directives but he will vote according to the manifesto that a candidate has presented.

Amily Mukuwa, the cadre for Napala cell said primary elections in almost all the districts were not peaceful nor genuine, which annoyed most voters including the NRM cadres to think otherwise. He said they are going to mobilize for the NRM chairperson only who is sole candidate. He asserted that NRM leaders should leave them to choose their own leaders when it comes to lower positions from parliamentary elections.

Luke Shikanga, another cadre, said he cannot agree with their proposal to vote only NRM flag bearers yet they were the ones who controlled the election at the district and rigged it. He tasked the NRM leaders to vote for their Flag bearers and leave them decide on their own saying “Buli mbwa namushinga kwee” meaning every dog with its own tail (every man for his self).

Emma Namboyo, another cadre, said the previous NRM primaries were marred with a lot of rigging and bribery, which they cannot agree with saying they cannot support the fraudulent outcome of the primaries yet the house is burning. “Those who did not cheat will be voted back but those who cheated will not be voted back,” he said.

Michael Wanditi Watalunga the NRM coordinator who also doubles as the NRM registrar for Bududa said most people have always blamed him for rigging but he did not participate in it. He said the rigging could have been in their own villages where they voted from not at the district, adding that no results can be changed from the district when they are clear from the village and parish level.


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