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Mourners block minister from presenting gov’t message at Muzaata burial

Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata was laid to rest yesterday. Courtesy photo

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Mourners who turned up for the burial of Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata blocked Minister Sarah Kanyike from addressing them.

Muzaata who passed away on Friday at International Hospital Kampala (IHK) was buried on Saturday at Kigogwa village of Gombe division in Nansana municipality, Wakiso district.

Thousands of people who were later joined by National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu braved a heavy downpour as they waited for the time to send off Sheikh Muzaata who was heading the religious affairs (Daawa) department at Kibuli Muslim headquarters.

As soon as the Master of Ceremonies announced that Sarah Kanyike, State Minister for the Elderly and the Disabled was the next on agenda to address the mourners as the time for burial approached, the gathering made a loud noise opposing her appearance before them until the MC admitted that the former deputy mayor for Kampala City Council Authority had been scrapped off the list.

Government footed all the medical bills amounting to over Shs 70m spent on Sheikh Muzaata and offered another Shs 20m to help in burial arrangements.

Muzaata was praised by all the people who addressed the gathering referring to him as a trustworthy man who could not be swayed by bribes or threats.

Kawempe North MP Latif sebaggala told the mourners that Sheikh Muzaata was a good adviser to the Parliamentary Muslim group and among the things he was keen on was the introduction of Islamic banking.

Hassan Magoba a family member says that in addition to being a trustworthy person, Muzaata was good at uniting his family members and it would take long to get his replacement.

Ibrahim Musa Mayanja, his former student says that Muzaata was not only a good teacher but also a good preacher whenever he took to the pulpit to preach about the Islamic faith.




  1. That’s what deputy speaker, Jacob Oolanya did to Kyagulanyi a while ago. It is such a pity.

  2. NUP stupidity….that they’re fighting for democracy….

  3. How does NUP come into this matter? 😊😊

  4. Well Done mourners. We are tired of the ruthless, heartless, insensitive government that keeps killing people all the time. The blood you take everyday will be upon your children and their generations and the lumpens who believe and promote NRM.

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