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MOTORING: Eight things you didn’t know about Range Rovers

Kampala, Uganda | AGENCIES | Offspring of Land Rover Range Rover is the larger offspring of the Land Rover; the icon vehicles built since 1948 and became the second oldest four wheel drive vehicles in automotive history after Jeeps. Initially, Land Rover was made by Rover, but Land Rover as a company wasn’t founded until 1978.

  1. First called Road Rover

The first Range Rover was designed in the 1950s, even though Range Rovers did not exist until the 1970s. It was called the Road Rover, and was based on a car platform, about five decades ahead of today’s crossover SUVs.

  1. Built exactly as the first prototype

The Range Rover was built exactly as the first prototype was designed. That literally never happens in the car industry. Somehow, when they put together the 1966 prototype that ultimately led to production, the lines never changed.

  1. Masterpiece of industrial design

And that design was good enough to get the Range Rover displayed in the Louvre. Like, the actual Louvre with all the art, because it was considered a masterpiece of industrial design.

  1. First 25 were called Velars

The first 25 pre-production Range Rovers were actually called Velars. This was only done to confuse the general public so they would not speculate about Range Rover.

  1. Had six wheels

The second Range Rover ever produced had six wheels, obviously. It was converted to an airport fire truck, and is still in use today.

  1. Won the first ever Dakar Rally

Range Rover won the first ever Dakar Rally, the legendary race from Paris to Dakar, Senegal. It was an all French team, and they kind of ran away with it.

  1. Wasn’t always part of the same company

Range Rover wasn’t always part of the same company. When BMW bought the Rover group in 1994, they split Land Rover from Rover, then sold Land Rover to Ford in 2000. They remained different companies until Ford bought Range Rover in 2006. Now they’re both part of Jaguar Land Rover, which is owned by Tata motors, maker of the world’s cheapest car.


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