Monday , October 22 2018
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MOTORING: Vehicle fuel consumption

The facts and the fiction Kampala, Uganda | MOTORING GURU | Regarding fuel consumption, Ugandan motorists can be grouped into two; those that watch the fuel gauge and those that drive on empty. Both carry tiny jerry cans in readiness for a dash to the fuel station whenever they run out. …

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MOTORING: How old is your new car really?

How to spot vehicles whose mileage has been changed Kampala, Uganda | MOTORING GURU | The mileage of a motor vehicle affects its value on the market. Generally speaking; the higher the mileage, the lower is the value. Unfortunately, mileage tampering is a very common practice in all used car markets, …

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MOTORING: Diesel cars lose market

But diesel could see even higher demand kampala, Uganda | MOTORING GURU | You have always eyed the BMW series but could not afford it because, well, it comes at a price. So when you heard of the growing unpopularity of diesel cars in the UK where the BMW is the …

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MOTORING: AMG to ditch V12 engines

Kampala, Uganda | MOTORING GURU | Say it isn’t so! Mercedes-AMG expected to adopt hybrid turbo V8 as its flagship engine As the march of technology continues and emissions regulations begin to bite, automotive juggernauts will fall by the wayside. Case in point, the Mercedes-AMG M279 engine, known outside Benz nerd …

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