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Lukwago on KCCA and Kidandala

By Patrick Kagenda

`As KCCA reaches out to Kidandala, they are creating a more complex situation’

On his view of the happenings at the KCCA:

It is an attempt by President Museveni to overthrow the sovereignty of the people of Kampala. You know for sure President Museveni lost Kampala politically and the world over a sitting president not having political control of the capital city is disastrous. After failing with the electoral process through rigging, his next move was get Lukwago, bribe him, and bring him on your side.

That is why time and again he has repeated his message to the people of Kampala accusing them for having committed a crime for electing me, saying they tied a noose around their neck, they diluted the position of the lord mayor and unless I apologise to him I will not settle in that chair etc.  The elite have said why don’t you go for a dialogue and argue on  this , we tried a dialogue presided over by the hon. prime minister, there was leader of opposition, there was hon. Mathias Nsubuga there was my lawyers of Katuntu ,Walubiri and others. On that issue we could not compromise because it is about people’s sovereignty, the root of the constitution.

People have said I have been pushed on the wall. It is not me in the fix but president Museveni and his government who are now entangled in this political grid lock in Kampala. They are now trying to get an escape route and that is why they are reaching out to my brother Sulaiman Kidandala after Kaihura talking to him in Masindi and subsequently after realising that these people are in this dire situation, they say let’s recognize Kidandala as the acting lord mayor forgetting that they authored a heap of documents to the effect that they had rejected him.   Now they are fronting an argument that I refused to sign minutes when they know for sure that it is the ED who is the custodian of the minutes and she refused to surrender them, now who is going to sign the minutes if I refused?

They are now entangled in the very net they laid for me and the more they try to wriggle out, the tighter it becomes for them. As they reach out to Kidandala they are creating a more complex situation and that is how I came to recall him as my deputy. Kidandala has been such a hard working person, committed to the cause but unfortunately he is not a hardened strong-willed person like me.

Today there is a lot of money changing hands and he sees it, many of his colleagues the councilors are building, are driving expensive cars, are throwing parties and wedding etc, and for him he has not been doing well like many of us because all his emoluments were cut off and that is the biggest problem he faced and he could not fight on any longer.

What is happening today at KCCA has made me a victorious man because I have not mortgaged people’s sovereignty and I have kept the technical team on its toes because of the Lukwago phenomenal which is  very influential in the decision making and causing checks and balances.

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