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Stagflation, debt distress, financial innovation

Professor Emeritus of Economics at New York University, Nouriel Roubini speaks to Project Syndicate (PS) on that and more.  Project Syndicate: In your latest PS commentary, you reaffirmed your expectation that monetary authorities’ efforts to rein in inflation will “cause both an economic and a financial crash,” and that “regardless …

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10 Misconceptions about the Tilenga & EACOP Projects

SPECIAL FEATURE | THE INDEPENDENT | TotalEnergies answers the most frequently asked questions relating to Tilenga & EACOP projects in Uganda and Tanzania. ******** QUESTION: Why is TotalEnergies embarking on the Tilenga and EACOP projects when scientists from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the International Energy Agency and the …

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The ‘African Eden’

Author Guillaume Blanc debunks a colonial myth According to Guillaume Blanc, author of The Invention of Green Colonialism, one of these pitfalls is the idea of an “African Eden” that casts an entire continent as the site of pristine wilderness instead of a region populated and shaped by humans for …

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How Uganda started to tackle stunting – without a stunting plan

We spoke with Dr. Richard Kajura of the Makerere University School of Public Health about how the country significantly reduced prevalence of the condition by improving poverty, health, nutrition, education, and water and sanitation – by Exemplars News — August 04, 2022 SPECIAL FEATURE | THE INDEPENDENT | In the 1990s, Uganda …

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The EACOP and Tilenga are win-win projects

Cheick-Omar Diallo, the TotalEnergies Spokesperson for the Tilenga and EACOP projects accompanied a French contingent of journalists on tour of Uganda’s oilfields and project affected persons. The Independent’s Ronald Musoke was on the four day visit (July 16-19) and spoke to him about his impressions. Tell us about your visit …

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