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Levixone: Loving God by serving people



Samuel Lucas Lubyogo aka Levixone is a gospel artist who says his tough childhood has shaped his desire to give back to the less privileged in society. He spoke to The Independent’s Nicole Namubiru about being raised in a family of ten siblings, being the only one from his father, and running away from home at an early age. He says, however, he maintains a strong fondness for his mother.

Levixone is founder of `92 Hands’, a foundation that is dedicated to helping the less privileged in low income suburbs of Kampala city. His main base is an area called with Kosovo in Lungujja.

Levixone is attached to the area because when he was in his early teens in primary five and ran from home, he first settled here.

Later, he met another musician Ticki Tah and Mac Elvis, who sang a song titled `Church Boy’. He says these two played a big role in helping him start off his music journey.

Levixone says he was supported by a well-wisher to go back to school up to A’level.

Today, 23-year old Levioxone is an award winning artist, who is celebrated on both the gospel and secular music scenes. He has won awards, the most recent being the award of Best male artist of the year (2016) and the Victoria Academy Gospel Awards (VIGA awards).

On Oct. 30 he held a charity concert that dubbed `Levixone and Friends love charity concert’ whose proceeds went to poor families in Kosovo.

“I love God by loving people and I serve God by serving people,” he says about what has become his mantra.

`92 Hands’, however, thrives on donations of money and materials. Levixone uses these to feed the poor, buy scholastic materials for children going back to school, and renovate houses for people who are not able to do it themselves.

Levixone’ liteside

Any three things we don’t know about you?

Many people don’t know that I’ve never seen my father all my life. I love kadongo-kamu (folk music).

 What is your idea of perfect happiness?

I love to give back to society. I love to put a smile on people’s faces. I am happiest when I do that. This is what birthed 92 Hands.

What is your greatest fear?

I fear to be hated. I just cannot stand hatred from anyone. Though there are people who will hate you for no reason.

What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?

I hate the fact that I’m hot tempered. I am actually working on it. I easily lash out when I’m ticked off. Yet most times I am a very jolly good fellow.

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