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LDU shoots dead University student

Ali Matovu was shot dead at Metropolitan International University premises by an LDU personnel

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | A Local Defense Unit – LDU personnel has gunned down a student of Metropolitan International University in Namungoona, a Kampala city suburb on suspicion of stealing a computer.

The deceased student has been identified as Ali Matovu, a first year student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Education. Ahmed Kiwanuka, the guild president Metropolitan International University says that Matovu met his death at around 7:00 am at the University premises next to the Faculty of Education and Humanities.

According to Kiwanuka, the student who rents a few meters from the University in Namungoona A-zone, Lubaga division had just arrived at the university to prepare for tests when the LDU gunned him down. He explains that the deceased entered the university laboratory briefly and moved out of the university.

He however says that minutes later, they heard gunshots all over the campus. Kiwanuka claims that the LDU and military officers deployed in the university ordered Matovu who was carrying a bag on his back to stop at a security checkpoint but he tried to run away prompting them to arrest him.

Kiwanuka and other students say that Matovu tried to run away for the second time, prompting one of the LDUs to shoot four bullets, two of which caught him in the chest and head.

Muhammad Ssemakula, a third-year student of education told URN that they were still shocked by the incident. “We’re still in a shock how our fellow student was killed in cold blood, they claimed he was running, but he was shot in close distance, we only heard the soldiers telling us to remain in classrooms that they were more robbers. But no one else they arrested was shot on,” he said.

He said that they doubt whether their colleague had even stolen the computer because they were chased away from the scene before they checked the bag.

Swaib Tashaba, another student condemned the brutal action by the LDUs guarding the school to the extent of killing a student whom they even arrested.

Both police and the army haven’t released a statement regarding the incident. “I have no information regarding that shooting. Contact the military,” Luke Owoyesigyire, the Kampala Metropolitan Deputy Police spokesperson said.

Colonel Deo Akiiki, the Deputy UPDF spokesperson said that the matter is being handled by police, not the military. “I have no information on that matter so far but police takes charge of any civil issue,” said Akiiki. The University Academic Registrar declined to comment on the incident.




  1. Colonel Deo Akiiki, the Deputy UPDF spokesperson .. honestly, what if this was your child that’s been shot dead? Would you still say you don’t have any information on this matter? These LDUs. Honestly, people just fear you even the name LDU is just scary. I’m sure that boy was running for his life peharps he thought u would put him in your drons. This is really sad truth..😭😭 may he rest in peace

    • For sure you people get serious with your LDUs because they lack training and they take peoples live day and night.its better you take them back and give them enough training then after you bring them back but its too much please value peoples lives. Am suggesting that please don’t give them guns because they really don’t know when to use them. Just equip them with batons in order to secure peoples lives.
      Today its Ali some ones son but tomorrow God for bid it may knock on your door i real don’t know what you can say.

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