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Kale Kayihura summoned over Owino

By Sarah Namulondo

The parliamentary committee of presidential Affairs has summoned the inspector General of police Gen Kale Kayihura to explain why he has failed to provide security to Owino market.

The committee decided to summon Kayihura after KCCA officials told committee members that the Authority failed to conduct a registration exercise of all venders operating in the market due to the insecurity in the market.

“The exercise of registering vendors is very important but we can’t do it without enough security. We can only do it in collaboration with police of which police has failed to work with us to do the work” One of the KCCA officials noted

Barnabas Tinkasimire, the chairman of the committee said that there aim is to know the number of vendors working in Owino market before the President releases the land title to them.

He said that if KCCA fails to do the census exercise in Owino Market, they will advise the President not to release the land title of the area.

Officials from KCCA said it is hard for them to collect taxes from the market because sometimes they are told there are 1000 vendors then another time they say they are 2000. They said that is quite difficult because they keep capturing different figures.

Tinkasimire said Kayihura is mandated to provide security to Owino market so they want him to explain why he has failed to give security to KCCA while registering venders in Owino,” Hon Tinkasimire added.

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