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IN THE INDEPENDENT: Inside Museveni’s UPDF reshuffle

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Inside Museveni’s UPDF reshuffle: Understanding Museveni’s move on Muhoozi, Mbadi, Elwelu, Musanyufu

End of a global nightmare: Why Trump may be a breath of fresh air into global atmosphere polluted by Obama’s megalomania

Here’s what would happen if LCI elections were held: If held, Local Council One (LCI) elections would be the biggest political event in the country after the Presidential, Parliamentary, and district elections, but it now appears they will not be held any time soon

Why Fort Portal emerged best in PLE: Municipality hails ‘top up innovation’ as its secret

Green health for Kampala: Researchers recommend fighting Non-communicable Diseases with jogging, playing, relaxing in public parks.

Hundreds attend last Rwandan king’s funeral.

Rwanda bans poultry products amid bird flu: Rwanda has imposed temporary ban on all imported poultry products from Uganda and European countries due to outbreak of Avian Influenza (bird flu).

Rwanda moves to hit tourism target: In July 2014, the Rwanda Development Board (RDB), in a press release titled “Rwanda gears up for surge in tourism demand” announced an $860-million tourism income target by 2017.

Uganda’s budget to hit Shs30.2 trillion for 2017/18: Government proposal to increase domestic borrowing could deny private sector cheap financing during the year.

MMI Holdings enters Uganda’s insurance market: The South African company is projected to boost the country’s insurance penetration that now standing at 0.86%, the lowest in the region.

Ronex unveils legacy works: His metallic figurines exude a fresh uniqueness.

This artist is ‘crazy’: But people love how he plays god with trash.

Ugandan-born writer Kirunda wants an African mental revolution but is he going about it the wrong way?

The new Suzuki Ignis A little bit of this and a little bit of that in Suzuki’s little bit of SUV.

Harold Kaija was born into opposition politics: Harold Kaija is the deputy Secretary general of Uganda’s largest opposition party FDC. He made a failed attempt to be MP for Kampala Central and says the loss taught him a few lessons; including that voters are so ignorant and poor that many politicians take advantage of them.

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