Thursday , December 9 2021
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In Uganda we have both dictatorship and inefficiency

By Margaret Wakuri Madanda Colin Barigye’s piece ‘œFreedom Vs efficiency’ that appeared in The Independent (Issue 058) made interesting reading. Barigye takes on Andrew Mwenda’s seeming inconsistencies. He cites examples that when President Kagame, for instance, punishes corrupt officers, Mwenda praises him yet when President Museveni does the same, Mwenda …

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Dictatorships don’t serve the people; they give privileges to their cronies

By Andrew M. Mwenda Dear Colin, I read your letter regarding my views on the President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, with interest and disappointment. Although you raise some legitimate issues, I was disappointed by its innuendoes and insinuations where you accuse me of being “journalist of fortune” and of ‘selling …

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