Wednesday , October 28 2020
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20% NSSF payout benefits no one

While everyone understands the financial squeese workers are going through, let’s not court more disaster COMMENT | PETER NYANZI | In the 1830s, the British Economist William Forster Lloyd wrote an essay in which he described a phenomenon he called the ‘tragedy of the commons.’ Simply put, if a shared/common …

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Grow personal wealth post covid-19

Can this model be the path to follow to grow your business and personal finances after the lockdown? COMMENT | JEANPO OLOWO | Crisis brings clarity. In times of fear and uncertainty, extended lock down, stay home directives, non essential business closures, curfews, social distancing for your own safety and …

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The Uganda oil debate

A short reply to Mwenda and Co. COMMENT | Prof. Dr. Eng. KANT ATEENYI KANYARUSOKE | In one recent NBS program, President Yoweri Museveni talked about many things: health, economy, succession etc. On oil, which was only a small part of the interview, he gave his opinion on the refinery-pipeline …

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How much sleep do you need?

It’s time to pick up your sleep calculator | THE INDEPENDENT | To get into a good sleep routine, a person can start by figuring out exactly how much sleep they need. Then, they can determine when they should be going to bed and waking up for optimal health. Experts …

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SpaceX sends men into space

It took 3 failed launches to achieve success | THE INDEPENDENT | Space Exploration Technologies Corp. – commonly known as SpaceX – is sending two astronauts into space. Despite not yet being 20 years old, the company has already developed a creation myth: on 28 September 2008, its first rocket …

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