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Africa’s gig opportunity

Why government policies should support and protect the growing number of freelance or gig workers  | Olga Morawczynski and David Porteous | The growth of digital platforms in Africa could offer new opportunities to bridge the current gap between often-insecure informal work and formal employment. Portable benefits, which move with …

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Acholi culture to fight HIV

Ancient fireside gatherings could tackle stigma | BONNIE FOURNIER | For 25 years, northern Uganda was devastated by civil war. During this time the area’s residents, many of whom belong to the Acholi people, were forced from their homes. They ended up living in internally displaced camps, relying on the …

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Reply to Mwenda on Uganda’s debt

To suggest printing money or ceding national assets to pay debt reflects utter economics myopia COMMENT | Mukwanason A. Hyuha | In The Independent (April 26-May 02, 2019 edition), Andrew Mwenda purported to respond to my Saturday Monitor (April 13, 2019) article on Uganda’s debt sustainability. I have also read …

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Money Talk Symposium

NSSF, experts tell members to save beyond the 5% they remit monthly   Kampala, Uganda | JULIUS BUSINGE | Do you spend less and invest more of your income a head of your retirement? Will you have enough monetary resources upon retirement? Will there be any impact upon taking your …

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Rethinking tax incentives

Researches, experts say there is limited evidence to show these offers attract investors Kampala, Uganda | PATRICIA AKANKWATSA | Tax incentives are part of Uganda government’s top priorities for attracting foreign investors and new businesses. From prospective investments in agribusiness to hospitality, and from steel to textile industries, tax incentives …

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Daring the art market

Ugandan goes for solo show in Nairobi Mark Kassi is a figurative artist working with acrylics. His distinctive segmented style on canvas borrowed from the appliqué technique synonymous with textile design, has earned him a name in the region. He sometimes uses an arbitrary palette that ends up into harmonious …

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The rise of Japan

What made this country transform rapidly from a backward agrarian society into a modern industrial power The Independent | ANDREW M. MWENDA | How did Japan, a poor and economically “backward” country rapidly transform into a modern industry power a few years after its initial contact with the West? I …

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Migrant remittances to hit US$550bn

Money sent home by migrant workers from abroad across the globe is projected to record a 4% growth this year, hitting the US$550bn mark compared with US$529bn recorded in 2018, according to the latest statistics from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). Kampala, Uganda | RONALD MUSOKE | Remittances …

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