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Four girls defiled in five days

There has been defilement of four girls aged three to six years with in the past five days.

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Police have expressed concern over the increasing cases of defilement across the country. This follows the defilement of four girls aged three to six years with in the past five days.

Police Spokesperson, Fred Enanga, said the latest cases have been recorded in Wakiso and Mpigi districts. In Nansana municipality, 23-year-old Denis Lubega has been charged with aggravated defilement. He is accused of defiling a 3 year girl at Yesu Amala zone.

Enanga says Lubega was caught red-handed by community members who mounted a search after the minor’s parents realized that the she was missing around 2 pm.

Enanga said that on checking in the bushes the little girl was found in a horrible state with blood oozing from her private parts. She was rushed to Mulago Hospital for surgery.

Police applauded the community of Yesu Amala for their contribution in searching for the girl and helping police to arrest the suspect.

Similarly, in Mpigi, a mother found her 6 year old daughter being defiled by Farouk Kiiza , 18. She reported this to the police and the suspect was arrested.

Police also picked up Godfrey Sembusi for allegedly defiling a 3 and half year old girl in Wakiso. The toddler is undergoing treatment in Mulago Hospital.

In Masaka, Ttusi Butamba, 52, wasn’t lucky enough to survive the wrath of charged residents who found him defiling a 5 year old girl. He was beaten to death.

Police says they are committed to investigate such cases and ensure such hooligans are kept in jail.  Police also called on parents to be careful with their children and make sure they are safe.



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