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PROMOTIONS: Muhoozi Kainerugaba now Major General


FIVE top Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) officers, including Special Forces Commander Muhoozi Kainerugaba, have been promoted by the Commander In Chief.

Also promoted to the rank of Colonel are nine Lt.Colonels in charge of the Operation Wealth Creation (OWC). The UPDF instrument promoting the officers, was released Monday evening.

Top officers promoted are Major General Joram Tugume to Lt. General,  Brigadier Muhoozi Kainerugaba to Major General, Colonel Charles Lutaaya to Brigadier, Colonel Stephen Muzeyi Sabiti to Brigadier and Colonel  James Mugabe to Brigadier. Lutaaya and Mugabe are top officers in the airforce, Mugume is veteran of the army while Sabiti is Muhoozi’s deputy.

After the news broke, trending on twitter in Uganda was @mkainerugaba. Sandhurst-trained Muhoozi Kainerugaba is the son of Commander in Chief President Yoweri Museveni.

In related news,  spokesman Paddy Ankunda Tuesday announced that UPDF has appointed Lt Gen Andrew Gutti to replace late Maj Gen Levy Karuhanga as chairman of the UPDF General Court Martial.


Other promotions

The following Officers in charge of Operation Wealth Creation, have also been promoted to the rank of Colonel effective 16 May 2016

1. Lt Col Dhamuzungu Oguli- Busoga Region.

2. Lt Col Stephen Muruli – Masindi District.

3. Lt ColGeorge Mayeku – Bugisu Region.

4. Lt Col Geoffrey Kawesa Kigozi – NAADs.

5. Lt Col Ismail Masudi – Kigezi Region.

6. Lt Col Jerome Kayora Nashaija – UNRA.

7. Lt Col Philip Mugarura – CSO

8. Lt Col Alex J Olega – Terego Constituency.

9. Lt Col Nelson O Obaiale – West Nile Region




  1. Uganda will never ever be the one we thoughts, how many UPDF officers have serve the country for more than 20yrs but they are still below Muhoozi. Museveni is just after his son, I hope he gives him the rank of Field Marshaal to satisfy his needs not the need of Ugandans..

  2. This is what we call luck. Some of used to be sarcastic at traditional rulers that they are bad because while others are born servants (bakopi) others are born rulers (Balangira and Bataka) then for convenience others are selected as notables (Bakungu)
    Now what has not yet happened?
    A School dropout is sent to Sanduhast while there were experienced and graduate soldiers, when he arrives, we stage managed to say that Gadafir promoted him
    look at the accelerated courses and promotions, changing courses like buses when transit-ting through various cities / towns;
    Now promoted to Major General!
    Any I will not be jealousy but simply say congratulations to the crown prince and well-done the emperor for that wise but anticipated action. You ought to have done it before the elections
    My only complaint is that it has delayed.

  3. James jones bantu

    Museveni can not risk at this moment, he needs his son to protect the loot, museveni can not trust any one in the army except muhozi and that is the reason for regular promotions, look at that paper we that jorum mugume is a long serving army definitely from the bush as per his no-00037 , this number indicates that he has been in the force for over 35 yrs, and muhozi is 08643 less than 22yrs in the force but now @ the same rank with jorum tugume. Do the arithmetic you get the answer.

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