Thursday , May 13 2021
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How bad can UTIs get?

By Flavia Nassaka Doctors give tips on handling infection By Flavia Nassaka One in two women and one in 20 men will experience a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)  at some point, with varying degrees of severity according to how far the infection spreads, says Dr. EvaristeBaruga,a urologist based at the …

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Cleaning up Oil

By Ronald Musoke In 2009, the international independent oil and gas exploration firm, Heritage Oil, then based in Calgary Canada, needed a site to dump thousands of tonnes of oil waste from its exploration activities in Uganda. It was sinking prospecting wells in the northern Uganda area of the Albertine …

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Death on wheels

By Flavia Nassaka Health experts, public health advocates worry as road accidents take a heavy toll on population From April 20, Michael Haglund, a professor of brain surgery at the US based Duke Global Health Institute, started conducting surgery for different brain and head complications at the Neurology Department of …

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Noise pollution

By Nicole Namubiru Are you exposed to these danger signs? As I write this article, there is a sharp metal-on-metal grinding noise outside my office window. I suspect it is an electric metal grinder. It could be an electric saw cutting timber. I can also hear someone nailing something.  Farther …

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Fighting regional cancer

By Flavia Nassaka Uganda approved to be EAC’s center of Oncology,but will it manage the numbers? As happens with every unit at the congested Mulago Hospital, every ward on the six-storied Uganda Cancer Institute is very busy—the first and clearest sign that cancer is no longer a small problem. The …

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