Thursday , May 13 2021
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New approach to saving endangered species

Though poaching is regarded as the main danger for wildlife, there are other factors that kill them, writes Joseph Ondiek An organisation in Rwanda, the One Health Approach for Conservation (OHAC), is pioneering a new way of conserving the nation’s treasured mountain gorillas and other wildlife. Founded in 2015 by Jean …

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October 31, 1517: What is a Protestant?

Paris, France | AFP |  Protestants form a branch of the Christian faith that broke away from the Roman Catholic Church during the Reformation 500 years ago. Pope Francis has nonetheless strengthened ties with several Protestant denominations, and his trip to Sweden to take part in events marking the anniversary …

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Taxes, love: The more we lie, the easier it gets

Slippery slope: the more we lie, the easier it gets Paris, France | AFP | Whether cheating on taxes or one’s lover, the little lies we tell can quickly escalate into big ones, according to a study released Monday that describes dishonesty as a “slippery slope”. Serial untruths, moreover, register …

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