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Farmer network hits 1 million users in Uganda, Kenya

Kenny Ewan, CEO of Wefarm.

Kampala, Uganda | JULIUS BUSINGE | Wefarm, one of the world’s largest farmer-to-farmer digital networks has announced that it has reached over 1.1 million users across Kenya and Uganda.

The network said in a notice shared on Oct.16 that farmers have asked and answered more than one million questions through Wefarm in a single calendar month.

“That means, Wefarm enables a farmer to share vital information they couldn’t get anywhere else – for free, in their own language, and without any internet – every 1.6 seconds,” it said.

With one in five farms in Kenya and Uganda using the network, the company plans to expand into the rest of Africa in 2019, beginning with Tanzania.

Wefarm’s network allows small-scale farmers to ask each other questions on anything related to agriculture and then receive bespoke content and ideas in response.

Knowledge shared on Wefarm can help farmers produce higher quality product, increase yields, gain insight into pricing, tackle the effects of climate change, diversify agricultural interests, and source the best seeds, fertilisers, and loans.

“Hitting one million farmers is the first step in our global expansion and we are expecting growth to accelerate quickly from here on out,” said Kenny Ewan, CEO of Wefarm in the notice.

Agriculture is an important sector for the two countries because it contributes substantially to the GDP. For instance, in Uganda it contributes about 25% to GDP and employs over 70% of the population.

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