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DRC’s Kabila to create unity government

By The Independent Team

President Joseph Kabila announced on Wednesday that he is ready to create a unity government aimed at ending years of war in the country.

Kabila made the remarks while at a public speech. “A government of national unity will be soon put in place,” he said.

“I tell you that, as part of my opening, advocated since my inauguration, a” Government of National cohesion policy “will be implemented soon. It will include both representatives of the majority than the opposition and civil society and will have priority missions the peace and state authority throughout the country, the consolidation of national cohesion, continued reconstruction support to the decentralization process and the organization of elections, and the improvement of social conditions of the people,” Kabila said.

However Kabila who was presenting the findings of three weeks of national dialogue has ruled out a any amnesty for the leaders of rebels operating in Congo’s mineral-rich east and called for the them to lay down their arms.

“The Congolese government can not compromise on the terms of amnesty and reintegration into the army of unrepentant offenders,” noting that it remained “open to dialogue” to resolve the conflict triggered in eastern DRC since May 2012.

Kabila said he would take action on more than 600 recommendations that were drafted by government, opposition and civil society members who wrapped up three weeks of talks earlier this month.

Congo currently ranks bottom of the United Nations Human Development Index. Millions of people have died in the East from violence, disease and hunger since the 1990s as foreign-backed insurgent groups have waged a series of rebellions, often for control of the region’s rich deposits of gold, diamonds and tin.

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