Thursday , February 22 2018
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DP divided over Secretary General, EALA representative

Party President Norbert Mao

There’s a new controversy at the headquarters of Uganda’s oldest Democratic Party (DP) following an announcement by Party President Norbert Mao that Deputy Secretary General Gerald Siranda will be replacing Secretary General Mathias Nsubuga who passed on in December for a period of a year when fresh elections will be held. Mao also said that Fred Mukasa Mbidde will be retained as the party’s sole candidate for a slot at the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA). This didn’t go well with members of the party who said the president has no powers to make such appointments. One of those is Busiro East Legislator Medard Lubega Sseggona who urged that it’s only the National Executive Committee that is supposed to elect party leaders. While Ssegona acknowledged that Mbidde is a good representative fit for a second term, the rule is that several names are submitted for selection rather than picking on one candidate. Of the nine candidates at EALA, three are supposed to come from the opposition where parties with representation in parliament are expected to field candidates.


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