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Diane Basemera promotes the arts online

Diane Basemera – Online entrepreneur

Diane founded, an online market place that provides easy access to African-inspired art, culture, fashion and other products over the Internet.

The business gives gifted and inspired people a platform to share their talents and culture, while getting income for their work.  All they need to do is get online, sign up and load pictures of your inventory with the price and the product is ready for sale, says Basemera.

Every product is described in detail with information on where it is made from and what inspires it.  The products on sale include paintings, sculptures, shoes, bags, jewelry and other African products.

Basemera started the business to build up her passion and advance her career in IT. The business links the buyers to the sellers whom she finds on social media, cultural events and festivals.

Success tips: Have a support group and business plan

Basemera urges entrepreneurs to have a support group of system that they can run to for advice and this should preferably be in the same line of business.

“One of the things, I ignored in the beginning was writing a business plan but it is mandatory. By the time, you are done with drafting the business plan, you know very well what you want to do and how to go about it,” says Basemera.

She says the plan helps one stay on line with what to do and prioritise what is very important for the business.  She also cites the Internet as a very important tool for business support from other entrepreneurs.

She adds: “Stay positive about the business journey, keep away from the negative people and believe in what you are doing.”



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