Thursday , September 23 2021
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NSSF’s ugly Shs650m mansions

COMMENT: By Joseph Were Great corporation managers know one great thing; they know the difference between what their organisations do and why the organisations exist. Some people know Steve Jobs only for what Apple, the company he founded, does. That it creates, produces, and sells amazing computer and electronic gadgets. …

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Higher education financing

COMMENT: Michael O. Wanyama The Government of Uganda introduced the student loan scheme in 2014 primarily to increase access to higher education and support students who may not afford higher education. To achieve its objective, the Higher Education Students Financing Board was established by an Act of Parliament No. 2 …

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Kadaga’s African soul

COMMENT: By Joseph Were Why people who practice traditional ancestral worship openly should be praised not condemned People who have worked closely with Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga say she is a very tactful person. But she is also very stubborn. So when journalists asked her why she went up …

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Police and the case of FDC

History shows that muting people’s voices, through suppressive actions, can boomerang COMMENT: By Bonnie Agea The simmering unrest between the Uganda police and the opposition Forum for democratic change over the recent presidential elections results points to a much bigger problem in our egalitarian society. In a democratic society, public …

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Unpacking Uganda’s informal sector

  COMMENT: By Andrew Rugasira Economists used to consider the informal sector a “shadow economy”, a relic from the underdeveloped past that would be replaced by formal activities and better paid jobs. Not anymore. The informal sector has in many ways superseded the formal sector and is now the face …

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