Thursday , December 9 2021
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Uganda’s climate success

COMMENT: By Sophie Makame & Peter Blomeyer Germany, France applaud Uganda’s role in global effort to reverse climate change This week, Europe is celebrating the climate diplomacy week. This time last year, a feeling of anxiety mixed with excitement was in the air as government delegations, parliamentary commissions, and civil …

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COMMENT: Mwenda’s pragmatism and mivumba

  COMMENT: By Rajab Kakyama Second-hand clothes – Mwenda shouldn’t be in hurry to displace workers in this sector to become beggars on the fringes of great cities Refer to: “America’s harmful threats” (The Independent Aug.26). Unfortunately, I do agree with Mwenda on principle but disagree with his method of …

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Furor over government acquisition of land

COMMENT: By Joseph Bossa Acquiring land and paying compensation later can be justified in some cases but government faces a trust deficit Land, buildings, and cattle are the forms of wealth most Ugandans are aware of and aspire to acquire and retain. But of them, land is the greater because …

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Regulating the labour export industry

COMMENT: By Anna Adeke Ebaju Exporting labour could provide an economic lifeline for many families in a poor country, but they need protection Exporting labour is perhaps one of the most delicate undertakings any country can indulge in, especially if its policy makers appreciate it from the purview of a quick …

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The bailout question

COMMENT: David Chandi Jamwa Bailout – How to get it done and done right without using taxpayers money For the past three months or so I have been seeing myriad opinions, sentiments, emotions, rebuttals, re-rebuttals, postulations, reverse-postulations, forwardings, withdrawals, denials, and in several cases outright rubbish, flying around the Ugandan …

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