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Saving Uganda’s healthcare system

COMMENT: By Moses Mulumba Museveni’s Nakawuka moment could be an opportunity to revisit our health governance The country recently witnessed President Yoweri Museveni ‘order’ the redeployment of health workers at Nakawuka Health Center III. In his order, the President seemed to have concurred with the communities on fighting non-functional health …

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Justice and the power of mobs

COMMENT: By Bob Kasango The traditional court system must examine itself over the rise of courts of public opinion Each week in Uganda is eventful and a new word or phrase takes centre stage. Weeks back it was “bailout”, last week it was “cows and goats”, this week ended with “mobs …

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How do you govern a poor country?

COMMENT: By Moses Khisa A response to Mwenda’s article that blames bad governance in Africa on small national budgets  The Independent’s Strategy and Editorial Director, Andrew Mwenda, is pushing back against the scrutiny placed on African leaders and the blame put at their doorsteps for the continent’s disheartening state of …

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Critiquing Bank of Uganda at 50

What anniversary year  says about the state of the monetary policy signal COMMENT: Geoffrey A Onegi-Obel   The Bank of Uganda on August 2 and 3 capped a series of celebratory Golden Jubilee activities with the annual Joseph Mubiru Memorial Lecture and an Anniversary Day with President Yoweri Museveni as the …

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COMMENT: Tackling the Agricultural Investment Dilemma

COMMENT: By Donnas Ojok Agricultural Coops and Fair Trade: Tackling the agricultural investment dilemma It is generally believed that agricultural cooperatives offer a natural entrepreneurial solution to the problems of poverty faced by millions in the developing world. The argument goes that these coops allow even the least literate smallholders …

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Open letter to Janet Kataaha Museveni

COMMENT: By Patrick Ajuna   The education reforms that are needed to tackle unemployment, rampant poverty, and hopelessness Greetings Mama Janet! Congratulations upon your re-appointment to the cabinet as our new Education and Sports Minister. Allow me to add my voice to the many in welcoming you to the highest office …

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Cutting bank costs can be great for NGOs

COMMENT: By Milly Kyolaba One of the biggest challenges Non Profit Organisations (NGOs) and development agencies operating in countries like Uganda face is getting the balance right between managing their budgets administrative and overhead costs versus the amount of money they actually use to support the intended beneficiaries. Critics often …

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Digital firms and electricity rates

COMMENT: David Birungi Why should the leaders of the digital revolution suffer over Uganda’s electricity demand growth rigidities? At the recently concluded Daily Monitor Thought Leader’s Forum themed around the global `Digital Revolution’, I was amazed by the revolution of HelloFood, an Online Food delivery business. According to the CEO …

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Proposed government bailout exposes emperor’s nudity

COMMENT: Nimrod Muhumuza After years of touting of Uganda’s positive economic growth in flowery language, citing growth in the manufacturing and real estate sector, and reduced poverty and inflation statistics, it is now emerging that the government is contemplating forking out over Shs1 trillion to relieve over 100 companies facing …

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