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Body of Ugandan doctor stuck in Lagos due to COVID-19 lockdown

Dr. Patrick Opira Molns who passed on from Isolo General Hospital in Lagos, Nigeria.

Kampala, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT |  Relatives of the Ugandan medical doctor who died in a Nigerian hospital in Lagos early this week are stuck on how to repatriate his remains because of the corona virus lock down.

Dr. Patrick Opira Molns, who was attached to The Aids Support Organization – TASO in Gulu district breathed his last at Isolo General Hospital in the Nigerian city of Lagos on Monday.

The deceased was admitted for treatment and management of a terminal kidney ailment in March this year before government announced the nationwide lock down. He was accompanied by his wife.

Michael Ochow, the Gulu TASO Center Programme Manager, said Dr. Opira has been battling kidney complications for close to two years, adding that he was referred to Isolo Hospital on the recommendation of doctors at Kiruddu General Referral Hospital in Kampala.

“They were scheduled twice to fly back but the lockdown trapped him and the wife in Nigeria. The wife narrated that on Sunday he had been weak prompting him to be checked for Coronavirus, which was negative before him eventually passed on.” Ochow told URN.

Adding that, “His body is still at Isolo General Hospital and now with this lockdown, it is challenging to have his body back soon.”  He said negotiations and discussions are ongoing to return the body to Uganda for burial.

The deceased’s father, Stephen Opira also the Director of Gulu University Kitgum Campus revealed that the bereaved family has been very disturbed by the news of their son’s sudden departure.

“I am trying very much to comfort and console the mother who still could not believe the shocking news. It is even very disturbing that mourners cannot congregate given the COVID-19 guidelines,” said Opira.

As of Monday, Nigeria, Africa’s biggest economy had recorded 245 new confirmed Covid19 cases, according to the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), 73 of them in the country’s commercial capital Lagos.

The total number of infections in the country stood at 2,802 on Tuesday, including 93 deaths and 417 recoveries.





    Greatings to Mr President and the cabinet ministers ..for me as a person my begging is that Mr President please and please release o the lockdown because children are dieing because this time our cars and motorcycles are in houses while use less old people are died please and please Mr President help about that… FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY ..thank you

    • Its better to continue with lock downs until we see a healthy atmosphere for Uganda’s .its a technical decision for Uganda thanks president m7 for being wise in controlling this epidemic

  2. Edekitia valente

    President, be firm and take decisions that will ensure Ugandans are alive, not dead despite the challenges of corona virus

  3. His execellency may God use you

  4. tumwekwase joseph

    Thanks goes to our president but the reading materials are few in the villages, so the ministry of education and sports needs to workout with the stake holders on that.

  5. We thank his Excellency President Yoweri Museveni and the Minister of Health Dr. Ruth Jane Acene on their continued guidance on Covid 19. I think in the region, we are doing fairly well. what is still a challenge is the issue of the truck drivers . I think we have not found the best solution for them. Secondly, the testing of high risk communities and institutions can not give us the best or the magnitude of the problem country wide. Experts need to do more to advise government on this.
    We continue to pray for country, the leadership and health workers.

    • Mandali Eriya Mutenyo

      Hello, we better have Lock down and register zero deaths God willing than to be free. Well done senior Dr Ruth Jane acen and the entire country men/women for your perseverance. Long live health ministry.

  6. Akatukunda balam

    Live longer Mr President (M7), well done job

  7. What is most important is to have life. We can not make money when we are sick or dead. Lock down is the way to go. We only learn through the hard way. I have been to small towns and trading centers people are congregating doing nothing, social distance is not observed, please Ugandans, covid19 is real!

  8. Kitheme Haggai Kibeba

    The truck drivers should be stoped at the borders,the truck be sprayed and then the Ugandan drivers drive the truck up to where the cargo was being taken thanks.

  9. Emiru Jackson Patrick

    Long live president m7 mentain the lockdown and I wish those who want to work should fly to America if they think what you are doing is bad from emiru Jackson Patrick

  10. Great lockdown Mr.President now God will intervene for u have done wonders

  11. Great mr president museven but help us on trucker drivers GOD Bless

  12. Abdallah Ochaya

    The lockdown should continue as long as. no permanent cure or solutions to this dreaded disease is got..cong Gen.Museveni

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