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Attempted Coup in Uganda: What People Online Are Saying?

On Monday night, there was an attack at Gulu Barracks. Luckliy, it was thwarted. The Ugandans online reacted, though differently. And we captured some of their sporadic thoughts:

Tufairi B Kawawa: Is ‪‎Gulu‬ the epicentre of ‪‎Uganda‬’s liberation from 30yrs of General ‪Museveni‬’s tyranny?

Martin Musiime: When people become hopeless, they stop regarding those around them. They treat them with disrespect and prejudice. If such is the situation in a nation then evil follows. For us to see people shooting others wantonly is a reflection of that silent hatred towards certain sections of society. What happened in Gulu is unfortunate because persons were killed. Instead of government jumping around saying’all is in CONTROL’, should address the root cause. Instead of just arresting political opponents of government, why not to dialogue? This is our Uganda. Besides that can’t take away the fact that many people feal unheard, unseen.
Nevertheless the world has no place for those who kill others, those who hate others, those that disrespect their neighbour (s). Much love I extend to the families of the Gulu victims and those of Orlando. PEOPLE SHOULD LOVE ONE ANOTHER for we are all from one womb, one family, the human race!!

US Embassy Kampala: The Embassy has received multiple reports of gunshots in Gulu the night of June 12. We are gathering information about the reported incident(s) and advise U.S. citizens in the Gulu area to remain indoors for the rest of the night.

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  1. Is it another false flag. Let’s see who benefits from what happened.

  2. rule no 11. thou shalt not be caught
    rule no.12. if caught deny deny and deny.
    if Government is fool enough enough to let them go scotfree it is fine. if it were me I would also coup them.

  3. Squeezing the balls of those who have been arrested, will embolden the “coup” plotters even more, if there was indeed a coup attempt.

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