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THE LAST WORD: A frank memo to Winnie Byanyima

 Stop faking holiness. You supported and defended a government that banned all activities of political parties


Last week, Oxfam Executive Director, Winnie Byanyima, accused me of losing my soul by “supporting dictatorship” and “defending gross human rights abuses”. I asked her to name a single incident where I had defended human rights abuses or dictatorial actions and she could not. I suspect that for Ms Byanyima, writing an article arguing that Uganda’s economy has sustained growth of 6.7% over the last 30 years means “supporting dictatorship” and writing another article criticising her husband, Kizza Besigye’s, campaign proposal equals “defending gross human rights abuses.”

Besigye and byanyima

However, the immediate spark of the Twitter spurt was her claim that police blocked her from accessing her home, an act I immediately condemned. But I had reminded her that use of police to harass opposition politicians in Uganda is not new. In fact, it was much more rampant in the early years of NRM when she was close to President Yoweri Museveni – both literally and figuratively. Her husband was the Minister of State for Internal Affairs (in charge of police and prisons) and later National Political Commissar and blued-eyed cadre of Museveni.

In response Byanyima tweeted: “My record on human rights is in the CA and the parliamentary Hansard. Get me right Mwenda, I have used every platform I have had to advance human rights.” That is of course true and nothing but the truth. But it is also true that in 1986, Byanyima lived in Museveni’s State House as a closet First Lady and also wore military fatigues as a soldier in the NRA. During this period human rights were an exotic luxury not enjoyed by many Ugandans, especially in northern Uganda. The NRA was fighting remnants of the defeated army. It sometimes conducted a scotched earth policy – burning granaries, looting cattle, and conducting mass arrests called panda gari. Suspects were tied Kandoya, summarily executed, and in some cases, like in Boro-Coro allegedly burned alive in a pit.

In 1991, NRA declared Operation North commanded by Gen. David Tinyefuza (now Sejusa and a leading anti Museveni soldier-cum politician), an operation that human rights groups condemned for its brutality. Before this, Attorney General and Minister of Justice, George Kanyeihamba (a new face of the democracy movement) went to the NRC (then-parliament) and pushed through a law that gave the state unlimited power to arrest without trial anyone suspected of collaborating with rebels. He even went to Makerere University to defend this law.

As Byanyima enjoyed the pleasures of power inside State House, the NRM government banned all activities of political parties through Legal Notice Number One of 1986. Meanwhile police under Besigye was arresting scores of opposition politicians: Yona Kanyomozi, Paulo Muwanga, Samwiri Mugwisa, Edward Rurangaranga, James Rwanyarare, Adonia Tiberondwa etc. They were all sent to jail for no other reason except that they were in UPC. Police arrested even DP politicians that were allied with NRM – Andrew Adimola, Andrew Kayiira, Zachary Olumu, Ojok Mulozi, Evarasto Nyanzi, Tibero Okeny etc. Those who were not in jail were in exile. Today, there is not a single senior politician in jail – even Besigye is either free or occasionally under house arrest in his luxurious home.


There were more people (politicians and ordinary people) charged with treason in the period 1986-1990 than in the entire history of Uganda before and since. There is no record of Byanyima or Besigye denouncing these gross abuses of human rights and draconian policies and practices. How then can Ms Byanyima accuse me of supporting dictatorship and gross human rights abuses yet refuse to name just a single incident to substantiate her allegations? On the contrary, the evidence of complicity in human rights abuses against Ms Byayima is overwhelming.

Byanyima joined the NRA in 1985 when the government of Milton Obote was accusing it of being a terrorist organisation that was looting banks, cooperative stores and blowing up ambulances. These were violent actions that were causing deaths of innocent nurses and patients. In fact Obote and many UPC have accused NRA of conducting most of the killings in Luwero. Byanyima says this illegal and violent usurpation of power was “liberation.” Why did Byanyima think that NRA would somehow employ violent means to acquire power but would somehow hesitate to use similar methods to retain it? If Uganda has a “criminal regime” as Ms Byanyima and her husband claim, they were instrumental in constructing and consolidating the culture of criminality as an instrument of politics.


  1. Mr Mwenda, you are a journalist. Now, to a journalist charges of “supporting dictatorship” and “defending human rights abuses” are serious charges. Besides damage to reputation, such charges can be economically damaging. In these days of the internet the words “was publicly named by the Director of Oxfam as a defender of human rights abuses” appearing on a Google search can have you disinvited from a lucrative and prestigious fellowship.
    So, given the seriousness of the charge, how do you defend your good name! By an ad hominem attack. This is worse than useless, an ad hominem attack is in effect a plea of guilty. In your own words police harassment of opposition politicians “is not new”, meaning it exists. You are accused of defending those abuses and the best you can come up with is to remind Ms Byanyima that the abuses existed when she was close to power. You can’t defend your own good name, so you try to smear hers. You didn’t think this article through, did you?

    • To Mr. Sserukeera,

      Please Mwenda is telling the truth and he has given out little.
      Even if Winnie is what!!! as you are trying to enlarge her position, she has a history of which, what is good for her, her situation, her…… is the best. Which human rights is she talking about?
      Human rights, starts with family – children, step children, co-wives and others.

      And Winnie please stop your pretence, just look back between 1985 – 1990.

      Thank you.


      • Personal message!

      • To Margret K
        I did not write anything about Ms Byanyima, and have no intention of doing so. I only pointed out to Mr Mwenda that the charge leveled against him is serious, and that his response is dismal.

  2. According to Mwenda: “Today’s NRM at least has the pretence of an election for its chairman.” That has to the most offensive, narcissistic and hedonistic statement that Mwenda has ever uttered. People intoxicated with their arrogance and impunity. As far we are concerned the NRM is the same regime that killed innocent people in Mukura, locking them up in railway wagons and lighting a fire underneath. Hitler would be pround. NRM were, have always, and still are Satanic killers, dripping with blood, who will have their own day of reckoning.

  3. BANANGE what is going on. M9 has clearly lost his head. He”s going mental due to the constant public condemnation of his political reverse-metamorphosis from butterfly backwards into a caterpilla. Tell me m9 which is best? Supporting and working in a bad regime and then changing your mind when you see its a wrong thing and instead start opposing that same regime, OR opposing and criticising a bad regime and later changing and becoming a supporter and defender of that same regime.

  4. In medicine, a PPF test is undertaken and for good measure to indicate someone’s physical balance and stability. It is a test taken to find out someone’s optimal physical functioning. By all measure, Mr. Mwenda doesn’t seem to have any physical problems (at least I’ve never seen him go woozy.) And I am not about to carry out any experiments. In this particular incidence, I am spelling out three different deficiencies- i.e. Parasitic, Paranoia and Fission. Andrew is accusing (actually blackmailing) Miss Byanyima for protesting against the police’s invasion and outright denial to access her home. Risible. Mwenda’s “firm contestation” is that Miss Byanyima has no “moral right” or “democratic right”, to cry foul against the excesses of a regime that she once served. With this line of argument, and according to him- there should be no self reflection, no retreat and no surrender. This is intelligence moiety fused with quantities of insanity. With such a mentality men have raped their wives under the disguise of marriage (if you accepted to sleep with me then, how dare you refuse to sleep with me now?) Sickening. Mwenda, goes on to issue a stern warning, “And most critically, never launch a missile from a canoe. You need a powerful ship made of steel.” Paranoia is a mental illness that causes delusions of grandeur. Mwenda, by profession is a “newspaper vender.” He’s referring to the “Executive Director of Oxfam” as seated on a canoe and him (the paper vender) as seated on a powerful ship made of steel. Amazing. Mwenda has made his name by creeping onto others- parasitically. He will strategically identify a “prospective host” and decide what to do. Either to “suck the host dry” as is the case with the family of Dr. Kizza Besigye. Or, to “symbiotically co-exist” with the host as is the case with Paul Kagame. Parasites by nature have both biological and political ramifications. Biologically, parasites do not need an opposite sex to multiply. They reproduce through fission. This means that they are self recreating. Mwenda doesn’t need a “partner” to be lethal. I want to think that he has lived up to this- both in his private life or public (wonder whether he has partners at the independent.) Politically, when an atom has atomised (split), it releases energy which can be put to destruction. Mwenda seems to be in a destructive mode and I would recommend for a Hormone Replacement Therapy- HRT. (Warning: Do not mistake physical appearances for gender!) We live in an era of “CAIT politics” and Mwenda is free to go to whichever political toilet he so chooses. He is not a “sellout.”

  5. Mwenda seems to suggest that it is okay for M7 to go on committing human rights abuses 30 years later! It may be excusable if M7 had to step on some people`s toes 30 years ago because Uganda was emerging from a chaotic past, but to go on doing it until today, it is absolutely unacceptable. And so Besigye`s break away from the dictatorship of Museveni serves to demonstrate that it was not acceptable that M7 maintained business as usual. Winnie Byanyima is known to have challenged and advocated for good governance and respect for human rights. And so it is immaterial that she once worked with M7. Therefore Mwenda`s reasoning is totally out of place and cheap.

  6. This is possibly the shallowest and , in my opinion, most ill conceived “The Last Word” I have read.

    There is little in the way of substance and all this column has served is to give the writer an extended forum on which to continue with a petty squabble that started on twitter. I guess its a way of having ‘the last word’ in the argument as it were.

    Mwenda has on many occasions in the recent past written of how he has been cured of the misconceptions of his youthful years and how he views issues of national development, Ugandan politics and NRM and Museveni’s role in this with different lenses.

    He is no longer as critical of NRM and Museveni now because he has a deeper understanding of the challenges the country faces and he has come to understand that Museveni is not as bad as people make him out to be (just paraphrasing).

    Why then is it inconceivable that somebody else might change their views on a specific subject, government, ideology etc?

    Why come out with knives and daggers Andrew?

    This is not to say that you are wrong about Byanyima’s earlier support of a more dictatorial NRM government. It is more to do with the venom and tone of the column. The nature and tone of the ad hominem attacks is in a class of its own.

    You are better than this (at least I have always thought)

    • VERY TRUE. I maybe expect this sort of thing from that idiot Ofono Opondo or psycho neurotic Tamale Mirundi because that is their class( trawling through the cesspool for political advantage) and method of operation but not from the old-man-of-the-clan himself. MWENDA I THINK U SHOULD NOW APOLOGISE TO US ALL.

  7. The only thing I wonder is why Byanyima could stoop to the low level of engaging mwenda in a debate. The two could not be at two distinctly different levels both in content and in substance. Byanyima is a doer, Mwenda is simply a talker. Best and first female aero engineer in Uganda vs journalist, lawmaker vs talker, female fighter soldier vs.

  8. Talker, leader in the global not world vs local journalist, winner of elections again and again vs. someone who just talks about elections. Compared to Byanyima, Mwenda is nobody in intellect, accomplishments, work ethic and demonstrated patriotism and globalism. Even the NRM government M9 is defending would spit on this rubbish of an article.

  9. Mwenda you will salvage the remains of your half decent career and protect the spoils of your recently amassed dirty wealth if you retire from journalism. You are really exposing the symptoms of your moniker, “the old man”. losing sight and vision, becoming senile, perhaps early symptoms of dementia. You will go on Twitter and call ppl like me trolls, but quitting journalism at this point could be the best advice you ever receive. Look at the feedback you are getting from us? And don’t get it twisted, anybody who takes the time to write a comment on your article actually took the time to read your work, which means they respect you enough to give it consideration and you have failed. Try teaching and inspiring young journalists, your time of contributing visionary ideas that will move Uganda and Africa forward is expired. You are only a rich corrupted less wise but still bitter version of your talkative and delusional self.

  10. These are very serious allegations for an international Executive running Oxfam as many poor people on this planet know. Was it the recommendations of this dodgy Uganda government that assistated this die-hard NRM senior member to abtain this very important job? Shame on OXFAM! This reminds one of a very important Germany soldier in the Second World War who was running a very lucrative international job for UN. It was the press that stopped all that humane nonsense coming from such reputable international organization.

    • nice point….former soilder , cheating girlfriend , as oxfam director ??
      Mwenda,good job,spill the beans… write to oxfam

  11. Denis Musinguzi

    Andrew, don’t use a hammer to kill a fly! I’m sure the revered Winnie Byanyima had specific grounds she based on to call you a sell-off to the regime and by extension, a supporter of the dictatorship. In any case that is the general sentiment among many of your past admirers, which you should be used to by now. Sadly, by not addressing your response to the grounds of the accusation, you ended up making an unwarranted ferocious attack against the person. Even if you did not agree with her judgement, you should have the courtesy to acknowledge her right to think so about you, then dispute her claim. The ferocity of your attack seems to me not commensurate with a sincere concern and view from someone with whom you have for many years shared a cordial relationship. It is a sign of ingenuity to remain respectful even in disagreement.

  12. ejakait engoraton

    I have said in a previous article that my father (rip) told me that if I could and had the time to,to always listen to someone no matter how foolish , stupid or mad they may sound.The rationale was that it would help you to know how really stupid, foolish or mad they were , since with every subsequent utterance and action they may get worse and worse. On the other hand ( and probably even he did not know he was referring to “law of averages”) , they may say 999 stupid, foolish , mad things and then say 1 very clever and brilliant thing.
    He gave an example , and a real one to illustrate.There was this mad man who never almost said anything and went about his own business and everyone just ignored him. One day as he was walking from one direction, he frantically waved down a motorist who was going in the opposite direction.The motorist knowing him as a mad man never bothered to stop.It would be the last time he would be seen alive. The mad man was waving him down to warn him that there were soldiers up the road who were stopping people and killing them.
    THE moral is , I am STILL waiting for the day that I will see an article from M 9 that makes any sense – to me at least.
    I will continue waiting and HOPING.

  13. So. you took off time to write all this to discredit Winnie Byanyima, just because she gave you a piece of her mind. Your article does not seem to be written in good faith!!

  14. I hereby call all of you to order so civility can prevail over sentimental reaction. People are in horrible disappointment due to several plans gone bad. It behooves of all of us ( the disappointed) to gather our gear and proceed with what we were doing before the elections/swear-in/arrests and other underground work that has assisted to keep Uganda calm and peaceful instead of what it would have been if some people; notably FDC hooligans had been left to do their lot.
    Mwenda should not and cannot be the sacrificial lamb just because he happens to be in the know. Byanyima who you all praise as though she is super-woman (because she isn’t) has her weaknesses which at times overspill and betray her plans(call them wishes)

    • But Rwasubutare, who is talking about election? We are simply talking about impunity inflicted on Ugandans in the name of crime prevention. Change is not something that stops at the swearing-in ceremony, and perhaps that is why NRM has been failing to deliver on its promises. No one is sacrificing Mwenda, we are simply airing out our views and certainly i desire that Mwenda as a public figure should get more serious and remain objective to the reality in Uganda and NRM regime. We all have the potential to change, to agree and disagree.

      • It is the underlying reason of this explosion…. the botched elections; where a man who is so learned to the level of doctor is told to add all the votes of Wakiso and Kampala (all registered voters) to what he got (by EC counting) then check whether they equal or surpass what NRM (salvaged from the rigging done by FDC) got and the man ; against all reason says “we won”. mbu they had been promised rapid intervention(foreign) shortly after just a little street-tyre-burning.
        Kayumba, while pre-emption is illegal but essential for survival,read the 1967 six-day war, there are times it is the only way.

  15. Mwenda is a self made man and does not need state-sponsorship-endorsement to survive and/or thrive. Byanyima can survive without state endorsement but will either live on husband or father. She cannot stand on her own because she went into politics after failing(to get job) to repair aircraft. in biology Kakyama uses for expression, Byanyima is a creeper (herb not even shrub) while Mwenda is a tree that can stand on its own and provide shade. How many people does Mwenda employ? How about Byanyima? Taxes to government? Where and in which tertiary institution has Byanyima lectured?

    • Indeed Mwenda is self made, bright and admirable which makes him stand in the position of responsibility and so he needs not get into squabbles he engaged in with Lady Byanyima. You too must learn to respect other people. It does not mean that being seconded for a job is a verdict on any one`s would or wouldn`t be future. You need to understand how certain international position are acquired.

      • Kayumba, when you are in an island and a fire is lit from the other side,with strong wind blowing towards you, there is only one way to survive the onslaught and sure death by incineration. You light a fire from your side and they meet in the middle and consummate their rage; eventually burning to ash. Mwenda has spoken in anger it is true but what he said is nothing but the whole truth. And no one should lecture him about Besigye jailings and arrests because Mwenda has done his part of police cells too.

  16. The degree of survivability is the time it would take one to survive after cessation of income earning work.
    If Mwenda and Byanyima were both marooned in New Zealand as refugees; who would live on the other?
    Trace their CVs and see who has been parasitic. Has Mwenda ever been given a cent,accommodated or endorsed for a well-paying job for any other attribute other than his aptitude?
    This is in response to you all who want to say Mwenda is inferior to Byanyima and does not of course include Denis Musinguzi, the urbane gentleman who I hold in high esteem. Otherwise Byanyima is not in a position to criticise. Her present position is even very vulnerable because I was old enough to follow very closely in 1975 when the OAU conference was taking place in Kampala.

  17. Gen. Yakubu Gowon, the Nigeria president was overthrown when he was in the conference. Instead of their Excellencies deciding to condemn the coup makers and plan reinstate him, 5 presidents left abruptly for home. The the conference sent Gowon and his delegation out and invited the Nigerian coup-makers to send a delegation to proceed with the conference. Byanyima’s position in OXFAM has no security of tenure while Mwenda is a self-employed employer investor taxpayer nations builder. Here I rest my case with one exhortation
    I may Disapprove of What You Say, But I Will Defend to the Death Your Right to Say It.

  18. James jones bantu

    What was winnie doing in state house, does mwenda suggest that she was in real love with the dictator, are we dealing with a malaya or human rights defender? May be she did not like the dictator’s dig and prefer besigye’s

  19. 1.For the political storm to settle we needed this kind of explosion.
    2.Andrew is not an ambitious person he easily gets contented. who does not know that Andrew has (i)Presented papers that have been published in refereed journals?(ii)That he is always an international key note speaker at Universities & business forums??(iii)That he is handsome(the Twitter photo has really killed us)(iv)That he is prominent guest speaker(v) That he has declined job offers in USA(vi) That he was Senior Lecturer in USA(v) That all travel agents want to handle his bookings?
    3.What is Oxfam anway?They are stressful and notorious beggars they will knock at Bill Gates and MO Ibrahim’s door for donations after getting funds from them they make accountability by insulting African & BLACKMAILING leaders and by buying rotten food for guys in war torn areas.
    4.If Winnie is indeed a flight Engineer what is she doing with humanitarian organizations?She once applied for a top IMF job the whites just bust into laughter may be she was a flight attendant thats why she is adventurous.

  20. I am sickened by this article, increasingly nauseous whilst reading The (no longer) Independent, and totally disgusted and repulsed by Mwenda’s complete abandonment of any sort of journalistic integrity. Whatever mistakes the Besigyes may or may not have made over the years it is ridiculous (and appalling journalism) to try and condone the behaviour of today’s leader by the comments or behaviour of a comrade some decades earlier. After 30 years Mwenda seems to regard it as a victory that, ‘even Besigye is either free or occasionally under house arrest in his luxurious home.’ ‘Even’ Besigye? The leader of a democratically constituted party? And why the puerile reference to his ‘luxurious’ home? In my opinion Mwenda is a fraud, a fool, a narcissist and a traitor to the proud traditions of the journalistic profession that has rewarded him so well. Though probably not as well as the tyrants in the region that he shamelessly defends. I’m done with this once proud rag. No more Independent because there’s no more independence in it.

  21. 5.The NSSF saga is as a result of the Deputy MD having no proper job descriptions most deputy MD’s are always redundant. the MD normally delegates them to handle or represent them in businesses that dont matter alot.
    6.Ms.Geraldine needs to follow the legal path coz she has a good legal case (ii)Did the NSSF Board 1st caution her before sending her on forced leave?(ii)Why did the minister have to give her tough conditions before her return to office(iii)How can a company defy a court order?(iv) By now they must have tampered with evidence in her office so as some to implicate her.(v)Her CV is better than Byarugaba’s(vi) How could a security guard who trained behind swamps block her wasn’t there a senior person to talk to receive her?

  22. Mwenda, I think you may have some solid points against Byanyima’s record, and byanyima’s comments might – to some extent – constitute a whitewash of history, or an unfair attack against you. However, I think it is regrettable to reduce this to a personal problem. Whereas personal responsibility must be taken for some of the woes the country has gone through in the past, it is equally important not to overlook the institutional practices that are working against the ordinary Ugandan today. The uncountable number of districts, and the blotted size of government (both parliament and cabinet), the excessive public expenditure, rigging of elections in broad daylight, life presidency, intimidation, etc, are unfortunate stains in the history and politics of our country. Ofcourse, many of these issues may not pass the test of statistics, but they are morally wrong. Whether Byanyima was part of the rotten system in the past or not does not matter much as her stand against this injustice today. It is an institutionalised injustice spearheaded by individuals, whom the country is ready to forgive also and work with if they turn to the side of truth. Now in mentioning the “side” of truth i do not mean the opposition – they have their lies too – but the side of moral truth. Spin might attract many personal followers for us, but rarely does it satisfy our conscience, our hearts. It leaves us longing…for more fame, for more money, for more…It never fills the void in the human heart. I end on a personal note; Mwenda, you were a very virulent critic of the current system, and your U-turn is often talked about. But the whole world is full of U-turners – dishonest U-turners who don’t admit it. Except that for some of these U-turners, like myself, a miracle has been performed on them to not only see the morally right thing, but also to do it. Only Christ can do that!

    • Andrew M. Mwenda

      Thank u for your comment Anold. Question: what does u turn mean? There are many wrongs in the current government. But it wrong to argue that the country is going backwards. There are many improvements in Ug. And for every thing where I was a “virulent critic”, should I remain oblivious of such improvements in order to retain my reputation as a “virulent critic”?

      In fact on improvements in free expression, human rights, conduct of elections, ability of the state to serve its citizens, there has been gradual improvement. My criticism has become less virulent as u say in large part coz as I grow older I have learnt that all too often we have overblown expectations of our governments in Africa, forgetting that they are poor. What really pissed me about Winnie is for someone who was cuddling with a system when it was extremely brutal to accuse me of serving it now when I don’t work in government

      • But you said that democrats don’t have to be in government to cause the changes they so wish to see, this was a swipe aimed at Besigye. Is the opposite of your statement not possible? I am not saying that you have sold your soul, that is not mine to judge but by your reasoning, being outside government’s formal structures is not evidence that you are not a participant, moreover an influential one. Me thinks that given your inmtellectual prowess, many in this govt turn to your weekly mental innovations to explain themselves. No?

  23. “Steve jobs shouldn’t have given a commencement speech at Stanford”
    Well, a University drop out has no moral authority to lecture graduates ….
    *If u reason it the way Andrew Mwenda is*

    In the same manner, it would be like saying, adults of age should not be issued with driving permits, well, because they were young before they became adults.

  24. Andrew, I would like to believe that when you sober up; you will look back at this article with a lot of regret! In my opinion, none of your worst articles has come closer to the current one. It is petty, it is personal, it is amateurish, and ill thought. Your line of reasoning suggests that, all those who served in M7’s government in different capacities (as a teacher, judge, a soldier, a medical doctor, a nurse etc) are criminals and have no right to complain about any injustice by the government they once served! Even Rwashubutare who seems to be a loyal and diligent cadre will be considered a criminal if he one day disagrees with the government. I think you have chronic exhaustion because it is never easy to write articles every week. Please take a leave.

    • ejakait engoraton

      DIANE – the voice of REASON or WISDOM – you are on the money again.As I tried to say in my posting – do not know with how much success – I keep waiting with bated breath for M 9 to come up with something sensible – alas – it seems I have a long time to wait and never in all my imagination did I think he would sink this low.
      AS you rightly say, he needs a break and while at it , a mental check as well.This makes you appreciate guys like ONYANGO OBBO who almost effortlessly week after week comes up with a masterpiece. M 9 can not even do it consistently, sometimes it is a few days in between, the next time it is a week and then sometimes it is as long as a fortnight.In some countries , even rubbish collection is consistent- they pick the rubbish on a particular day. ONLY if M 9 atleast tried to churn out his rubbish consistently.

      • Diane, I don’t agree with NRM or M7 always or even most of the time. There are many issues on which we differ but upbringing prevails. As a subordinate, I only give my opinion when asked and even then with precision. M7 I cannot criticise, harangue or disagree with openly. Our dirty linen is always supposed to be washed in the background where our adversary does not see. a lot of criticism goes on in the background, at times even surfacing after leakages but corrections always follow. NRM is human and so has flaws too.

      • But even if it didn’t have, it would still be criticised…just like God who we know created us and all there is we at times blame and attempt to correct; though we know God’s case no appeal.

    • ejakait engoraton

      DIANE – In his article , THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX – it was conceived, by his own admission “in a moment of madness”. Do you by any chance believe he has left this state(madness) or that he ever will. As for thinking that he will regret, one only regrets when they realise that they are(were) wrong.Ditto with guilt.For as long as he remains in his state of madness ( or ignorance of the fact) he will never REGRET or show any remorse.
      YOU can tell from M 9 s body language and demeanour that something is not quite right; me thinks this is pressure from his paymasters who are probably not happy with his performance and probably he is not delivering value for money.OR just assuming that he has a conscience , that it is haunting him. Something just does not look and seem right.

    • Charles Onyango Obbo yes. Which school did he go to? Of course Nyangole.
      We are agreeing on many points ejakait. it is a high time we brought this insane thusness of things to order; slowly but surely.

  25. This Mwenda guy is awesome,i dont support NRM but Mwend’s articles always have good reason. He thinks way above the normal Tom dick and Harry
    This article isn’t blackmail but truth that deserves answers..The only shortfall i see with Mwenda is humility but the guy is gifted – smart and well groomed.
    On allegations of changing sides,Mwenda still does well and brings out well researched articles favouring government….

    • Frankly speaking at one point I admired Mwendas views. However in the last 6 years He has flip flopped on his principles. Defending and siding with which ever side will enhance his ego and desire to be recognized as someone in Uganda. For the record Mr Mwenda , using GDP as and indicator of economic development is flawed. This is because GDP factors in government expenditure among many other issues. Just do your research. In Uganda case the growth was fueled by stolen money from Sudan and public funds from Uganda. Hence the over inflated housing market . So Andrew stop crowing about GDP. The evidence is clearning that Uganda s growth is not inclusive growth on the latest 30 years. It is extremely facetious and hollow

  26. I think the world has never registered saint politicians unless somebody wants to prove me wrong on that.

    I just realized from the last concluded general Elections that Ugandans don’t want the truth but lies.
    There are criminal facts activated and implemented by NRA/NRM and its leadership in the post Obote Era that we as Ugandans should observe without adding hunger for change to it so we can distort those facts.
    All those who joined the NRA forces to force a then ‘Legitimate’ government should by now be serving their 30 years of their life imprisonment treason charges.

    Looking at Besigye,Ssejusa,Muntu,Byanyima and others as people who didn’t wrong Ugandans before and after 1985 because now they are on the other side of the spectrum is just utter blindness.

    It is on record,Ssejusa and Muntu are the only NRA/NRM criminals who came clear to apologize to Ugandans for the mistakes of diverting from the NRA original leadership plans but not for the brutality of their hands and NRA they committed.

    So,for Byanyima and Besigye to act like saints or as if they they lesser criminals than Museveni is deceiving Ugandans and taking the Elites for fools.

  27. I apologise to Andrew and by extension to the readers. The information I presented in my previous post is thin on facts. That “Mwenda has made his name by creeping onto others.” What informed my mind then, was rage. On a chilly, wet, May morning, I had a blood rush after reading Mwenda’s article. What quickly crept onto my mind was that, “Mwenda was witch-hunting Dr. Kizza Besigye and by no matter how.” And, I, therefore, sought for retaliation “no matter how.” I truly and honestly believe that Andrew has played and lived a fair life. In a world of uncertainty, he has broken every barrier and transcended to where very few shall reach. He should be celebrated and not scorned at. I am Human and so is Andrew, and maybe we sometimes misjudge him because of the high standards he has set himself that we need to consult our humility. I am sorry Andrew!

    • Rajab you are not civilized don’t pretend to be i hate you.

      • Exactly my opinion Winnie. this man should just go away and stay away…perhaps to ISIL or al Shabaab. never met a worse negative element.

      • What is this talk of civilization? And who cares if you hate him? That is your personal problems; we don’t need to be brought into it. Please keep the hate to yourself; we don’t need to know about it.

  28. 1.@ Rajab i am still active on this forum coz of my love for Andrew.They can attack him elsewhere but not here. I successfully eliminated the likes of;Musinguzi,Adam Kafaliso,Omeros,Adhola and Ejakait.
    2.On the surface,most NGO’s have a just cause however in Africa its not the case.
    3.Why is that most NGO’s across Africa are headed by big headed,lazy and opposition leaning people?
    4.NGO’s need to portray and exaggerate the plight of the vulnerable so as to get quick funding.
    5. NGO’s operations include;blackmail,promoting homosexuality and activism.
    6.They are actually sadists; they pray that war should not end in Africa,children should go hungry,so that they make a proper documentary that can attract sponsors. activists r also sponsored to provoke govt so that they react with excessive force.i just hate them

    • ejakait engoraton

      Madam Lawyer – and how have you managed to “successfully eliminate” the likes of Musinguzi, Adam……… YOU can manage that in 2 ways ; you out reason them and they have no choice but to run for their lives.You give off such a nasty smell ( just like the skunk does) that they run away from you. It is just like “making a name” – you can either be famous or infamous.
      In your posting above “….have a just cause however in Africa it is not the case”…….”headed by big headed, lazy……….” ……..need to portray and exaggerate the plight of the vulnerable so as to get quick funding” ……”operations include blackmail……..”…….” they are actually sadists, they pray that war should not end in Africa”
      I can just see you describing exactly the actions of none other than the NRM government and its leader.What do you think the Gulf Stream is for if not to hop from one city to the other begging for AID.Who is the happiest to depict us as a poor lot who need all the help we can get from DONORS. Even the money being given to the elderly is AID and the state can not even come up with the small component that is their duty to provide.What happened to the GAVI funds , which was just a looting spree for the connected.
      Who uses blackmail- “if you do not vote for me , NO roads , no hospitals…….!” If you send the wrong MP , there will be no roads………..!
      THE RULERS we have are SADISTS , they derive pleasure from the suffering of the people, they derive pleasure from displaying SKELETONS of dead people.They derive pleasure from hearing the people of Busoga are dying from jiggers.
      Who is buying fighter jets and water cannons , who took the war to Rwanda and has been involved in wars each and every one of its neighbours except Kenya and Tanzania.Who is always ready and willing to sling a gun even when going to check on a mudslide.That is some one who does not want wars to end.

    • Winnie wrote: “1.@ Rajab i am still active on this forum coz of my love for Andrew.They can attack him elsewhere but not here. I successfully eliminated the likes of;Musinguzi,Adam Kafaliso,Omeros,Adhola and Ejakait.” To have written this is just another proof that you are intellectually retarded. Do you realise how nauseating your comments are?

  29. Most comments on this thread are emotional. I followed the entire interaction between Andrew and Winnie. He never undermined her achievements, he even acknowledged that when she was still in NRM, she defended them when they were arrested. She was the one who started insinuating he was a sellout which prompted him to retaliate by reminding her that she is not the saint she paints herself as. We as observers should hope Winnie and Andrew’s friendship is not tarnished by this frank exchange. Winnie and Andrew represent the best of Ugandda. They are amongst your finest exports and whatever political differences there are in Uganda, let it be that the spirit of One Nation is not compromised. This country needs to forget the political divisions in order to focus on empowering its youth and poorest economically. This challenge is what should preoccupy Ugandans, a wonderful who overcame so many odds and need to continue believing in their greatness so that they lead Africa in reclaiming its greatness. I believe in Uganda and know it will rebound. We just need to get our elders find again their selflessness for the common good. Confrontational politics could rob the Pearl of Africa of its destiny. Let us say collectively no to this. This is bigger than Andrew vs Winnie IMHO. I am sure Winnie will read this piece and reflect on it. I look forward to a Mwenda/Winnie reunion.

    • It is sexism (Winnie is just good to be wife to a doctor; once upon a time there was a vice president doctor married to an engineer) and so-called (political) class prejudice as if people are living in the medieval times. The constitution of Uganda is very clear on who is qualified to run and hold public office. These cave idiots need to crawl out of their caves. It is 2016. America is about to elect a woman president. As for Winnie of this forum who together with Mwenda whom she bootlicks are jealous of her super achieving highflying namesake.

      • now ocheto, who else understands what you attempting to say here; this forum having eradicated your calibre of idiots? must you speak so we know you are around?

    • sasha, I could have said as much if I possessed your skill with words. intentionally I am with you 100%. My greatest fear is taking sides and then when the belligerents reconcile, we their warriors are left with the smelly carcass of the conflict. But come the day of reconciliation, as most intellectual outbursts are wont to, Mwenda will be the better off because what he said was tangible while what Winnie insinuated was abstract. to this I put my hand.

    • Well said. Mwenda is a big mind and I doubt Byanyima would handle such excange without losing her cool. But one can understand her frustration with those prenting her ac ess her home. But when will Uganda politics get mature? I was M7 I would have accepted an audit called for by Besigye. Unless M7 has really stolen the votes, he has no reason for resorting to these crude underhand methords! M7 is a thief here.

      • Who pays for it Kayumba? you as well as I know how we are struggling to pay off debts incurred in the course of reconstruction and other recurrent perennial essentials for which there is no short cut or negligence. example: defence against opposition allied terrorists like Yiira Republic Formation force YIREFO (you know who was behind it) Mount Elgon Heavenly Liberation army (mbu of a former prime minister).. If they wanted audit, let them pay their own auditors and go count out of the way. and by the way, it has been overtaken by events because Besigye swore in as ‘president’ mbu of Uganda.

        • Hakim Semuwemba

          Rwasubutare – the audit can be paid for by the tax payers. We tax payers pay for so many stupid undertakings of this regime. Offcourse M7 can not allow the audit bkoz he obviuosly did not win.

  30. Thanks Mwenda. I happened to be close to Byanyima family at school and college. When we finished college, all her brothers got jobs in government. At first I did not know but later realised Byanyima Wnnie was M7 wife. However Mama Janet would not allow to be dethroned, Byanyima was sent to France. After that she started moves to become First Lady. I hope all what Besigye is doing is Byanyima’s ambitions of becoming the first lady.
    Those who are attacking Mwenda are opposition sycophant who hate the truth so long as its not in their favour.

    Please hate this government but at least it has developed means of communication and allowed sycophants to air their views without any harm Democracy at its best.

    • Rowot: If what you state here is true, that you happened to be close to Byanyima family at school and college. When did this affair begin, when you were still at school or college? You also state that Mama Janet would not allow to be dethroned. Implying that Museveni was already married (or at least engaged) to Janet. How is it more of Byanyima’s problem than Museveni’s? Or should we [edit] Museveni out?

    • It is said that, Museveni was ready to divorce Janet and marry Winnie but it was the late Rt. Rev. Misaeri Kauma, Bishop of Namirembe Diocese, who counseled Museveni to stick to Janet because of his position in the country.

      • noooooo! mbu it was Dr Samson Kisseka. I was told by a fly-on-the wall insider. He was adamant that to keep such a beautiful single woman in state house was an invitation of scandalous (true) rumours which would incurably taint the new (spotless)regime. so Kisseka sent her packing. Mbu she left swearing (Like Gen McArthur) she would return as host not guest. that was about 30 years ago and(if the true rumour is consistent) she will not give up even if Besigye does.
        NRM should therefore prepare for a long long body ridden war of attrition is what John Milton said is half as true that “hell knows no fury like a woman scorned” we clever people are keeping out of the line of fire.

    • in military lingo, Byanyima has drawn enemy fire by exposure. now all who know some fishy matter about her are coming out. I wish she could leave out the good name of Mzee Boniface and take the one she took on voluntarily. she is dragging Mzee Boniface in the muck by using his good name.

  31. 1.@ Ejakait did you know that there is a difference between Aid,Donations and Development fund? The govt relies on development funds from ADB,European Union,IMF,World Bank mark you these loans are not for free.
    2. How often does M7 travel with the jet?he only uses it while attending international Meetings.
    3.The expulsion of Indians was a blessing in disguise can you imagine all the top investors M7 meets in Europe and Canada were former Ugandans of Asian origin bambi they have alot of respect and trust for M7.Who persuaded the Hudani Family to invest in Poultry in Luweero.Please bear in mind that Ug is not easy to market internationally.
    4.@Ocheto who envies Byanyima in this era young ladies look up to Kendal Jenner,Taylor Swift do you even know them?
    5.All wars M7 has participated in have yielded fruits e.g Rwanda,Somaila,N.Ug, S.Sudan

    • ejakait engoraton

      YOU have no idea what the implications of the expulsion were both on the Asians and the Ugandans at the time because it was a win – win situation for all.The ASIANS worshiped and still do worship AMIN and most of them had wanted to go the UK and Canada etc in the first place, the reason most of them had spirited money to these places in the first place.They say these governments were letting them in in trickles – and then AMIN opened the flood gates for them.And most did get compensated and then someone comes and tries to reverse the whole exercise and enslave Ugandans all over again.The likes of MULWANA, WAVA, BAGALAALIWO, NZEYI etc would not be who they are if it had not been for what AMIN did.

    • Winnie wrote: “5.All wars M7 has participated in have yielded fruits e.g Rwanda,Somaila,N.Ug, S.Sudan” The Rwanda war cost over 800,000 lives. Tell me what was the benefit?

    • “Former Ugandans”!!!

  32. “We’re supporting freedom of expression and people’s right to demonstrate or join movements and unions – liberties denied to many, in rich countries as well as poor” This is one of the core responsibilities of OXFAM.
    albeit self-deployed but they have the ear of super-powers and are closer than the government which has to contract foreign lobbyists whenever there is a crisis to explain a tricky position or extricate itself from a lie.
    Methinks this woman went there intentionally (and if the post required national endorsement like most UN posts) M7 endorsed her unwittingly. Byanyima’s daughter, unlike Kifefe’s son is a cold calculator and can live in an ambush until opportunity presents itself; then (God forbid) she strikes hard. woe to they who may be in her cross-hairs.

  33. If this issue of Besigye M7 stand-off is not resolved immediately and permanently, for security reasons, I might consider joining FDC and riot publicly enough to attract police and newspapers; as insurance for the future. While NRM won’t harm me, FDC can if it grabs power; hence the insurance.

  34. Uganda, the World’s youngest and most entrepreneurial Nation deserves a transition to a new leadership which will build on the best of NRM and FDC whilst divorcing herself from confrontational politics. Who in the younger generation can inspire the youth in believing in Uganda? This to me is the challenge of the next 5 years. Ugandadecided and by the time Besigye comes out of the fridge in which M7 has put him, there must be a third way in preparation. Those elders contribution will not be ignored but we must move forward now.

  35. Hey Guys,
    Before Oxfam, Winnie was Director of gender at the African Union in Addis. The Director role in AU is a political job and candidates have to be approved by one’s government – so Winnie was helped by the Uganda government. Her role at the AU helped her scoop the Oxfam Job so at the end of the day our Museveni somehow helped Winnie reach her current Position
    Mwenda is right to associate her with the current government

    • ejakait engoraton

      M 7 helped Byanyima as much as they helped OLARA OTUNNU. Yes , one has to be sponsored by their government but they do have to have the right qualifications.It is not as if once the government puts your name forward, it is a done deal.If that were the case then we would be having another “Winnie” in that post other than Byanyima.

      • ejakait, allow me to differ. if there is one thing M78 lacks and will never attain till he goes where Mzee Kaguta is, it is GRUDGE. M7 never harbours grudges. he can be angry and even threaten (like recently when Nsereko was stubborn) but harbouring a grudge for 3 hours no no and no. that isn’t M7. Instead those he elevates are the ones who offend him severally and even then, he forgives them. M7 strategy is so sophisticated we are attempting to analyse it by seeking predecessors and hopefully we may come up with something soon.

    • if M7 wishes, he can go back in time and command Winnie to meet him at a specified time and place, then drive her to Mzee Boniface and sit down and request Mzee Boniface to speak to both. simple, you would see the FDC dissipate like morning fog.

  36. Winnie: Hahaha. Thanks for eliminating us. We are relegated to followers, we have no opinions to share, in the end you made us realise that.

    • Musinguzi, you know she was pulling your leg so you come in the open. without your civilised contribution this forum becomes imbalanced and near drowned by the gutter diatribe of the guys who you well know.

      • My brother, you know that I am pro-change. We lost and to some of us, unfairly. I am sure you appreciate that the space for our continued sharing of ideas, increasingly opposite, have been shrinking. Many are in prisons, others missing. We are playing by your will. Some see that as intellectual cowardice on your part, but that is the way you prefer it.

        • Sometimes the best way to say something is not saying anything. I’ve learnt from my wife. She told me that when she is elated she becomes speechless even when she is extremely annoyed. However, I’ve never seen her quiet.

  37. 1.@ Ejakait didn’t you hear M7 say ug was confidently and steadily heading towards a middle income earning economy. He can only be equated to Lee Yaun Yew of Singapore(that’s why he keeps on referring to Singapore in his communication) actually M7 is not in power for the love for presidency he is so obsessed and committed towards economically delivering a great nation that’s y he can’t easily let go.
    2. How can a govt you claim is bad support its opponents for international jobs?bambi we dont roll that way.
    3.Can you imagine Ugandans failed to manage businesses they got on a sliver plate from the Indians; was M7 responsible for that nonsense of the 1970’s? Currently,Zimbabwe is in mess coz of expelling white farmers there seems to be a correlation btw Africans and failure to mange business.(Can u imagine Adhola would go and loot of all things biscuits and sugar from Indian shops)
    4.I hope u r aware that due to competition the business empire of Wava and Nzyei r closing shop. just take an e.g of Restaurants all the 1st c;lass restaurants r owned by Somalis,Ethiopians Italians,British,Indians,Kenyans,S.Africans its coz they put in extra effort just go to one owned by Ugandans each day the food tastes different (in a bad way) there is no consistency.(is M7 responsible for that?)
    5.@ Rajab those are signs of a woman fed up of his nagging and unproductive man and Musinguzi its good u went back to selling traditional drums and tangawuzi.
    6. Ejakait r u suggesting that the British colluded with Amin to expel Asians? Britain and Canada received them coz India is a common wealth nation besides that their plight at that time required such courtesy coz they were so traumatized.( Bambi we British are humane)

    • Winnie wrote: “.(Can u imagine Adhola would go and loot of all things biscuits and sugar from Indian shops)’ It does not surprise me that you are about the only one who can’t see this statement as silly.

  38. Winnie do you stammer?

  39. Mwenda went much below Winnie’s belt – touched where it tickles most mentioning the State House consort business! Being a bachelor, Mwenda knows zero about matrimonial etiquette, probably never knew the revelations have people they hurt!
    Ugandans mistake Batooro for the softest Ugandans, probably for not considering the ‘softness’ of chains. Nga they can be bad! Mwenda considerately reminds Winnie never to throw stones about in glasshouses. Not to be like her spouse.
    I met the Mwenda-Winnie exchanges in Red Pepper and kept expecting, with abated breath, the exact kind of response from the son of Muhanga. I knew Winnie in mid 70s Mbarara when she kept shop in the family’s duuka with siblings; Nyugunyu, Bernard (Muyogoma), Tony and Nico (my own duuka stood directly opposite theirs); and met Mwenda when he attempted to teach me how to operate a car-hire biz whereby the driver eventually takes the car for keeps. A hire-car he owned was involved in a robbery and an intelligence officer wanted to shake him for some illicit cash. I intervened against the military man. The two ‘are’ real friends; they are both very brainy.
    I confess a dislike for Besigye – for being like a nasty crybaby. Looking at where Uganda is, Mwenda’s rhetoric holds water. Winnie and Besigye have too huge a lumber of timber in their eye to point at Mwenda’s (or Museveni’s) speck in the eye.
    Just think; Besigye knows Museveni a lot better than most of us, was a key cog in engineering the NRA thing from the word go. Winnie ditto in this! Both are ill placed to fight him ‘in the way they are doing it’. If it is not Mwenda’s business to point this out you decide.
    They should support Museveni’s revolutionary effort until it bears the fruit he told them to expect when they left their jobs to work with him in unorthodox manner. Another dictator would have bumped their lot off long ago – not Museveni!
    As for Winnie specifically, le her make amends. We don’t want to know what other murky tricks she has been involved in. moreover unlike her, Mwenda is from a cultivator background and is likely to dig really deep.

  40. Frankly speaking at one point I admired Mwendas views. However in the last 6 years He has flip flopped on his principles. Defending and siding with which ever side will enhance his ego and desire to be recognized as someone in Uganda. Now he is taking a contrarian stance on Kanyamunyu(winnie nephew ) to look like he has any deeper insight than experienced detectives in police. But more on that later.

    For the record Mr Mwenda , using GDP as an indicator of economic development is flawed. This is because GDP factors in government expenditure among many other issues. Just do your research on weakness of relying on GDP as a n indicator of development . In Uganda case the growth was fueled by stolen money from Sudan and public funds from Uganda. Hence the over inflated housing market . So Andrew stop crowing about GDP. The evidence is clear that Uganda s growth is not inclusive growth in the lat 30 years. It is extremely facetious and hollow fuelled by stolen money and government borrowing.

  41. The adage goes: when you see a hyena chewing bones know that it trust it’s ‘a…..e’!

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