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48 nominated for EALA

Parliament on Feb.10 released a roadmap for election of the nine members who will represent the country in the regional parliament – the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA).

In a statement issued by clerk to parliament 38 independent candidates and 10 party flag bearers had been nominated and were set to be sent to the verification committee appointed by the speaker before campaigns kick off.  Using the rule of majority representation in parliament which was used in previous nominations to the assembly, the ruling National Resistance Movement Party submitted six names, Forum for Democratic change two whereas the Democratic Party and Uganda People’s Congress submitted one candidate each.

Earlier in the day, six independent candidates had added a voice to the continuing controversy saying authorities in parliament had ignored them and focused on party flag bearers as they were still unaware about when they were to be nominated. According to the roadmap, names of verified candidates will be released on Feb 20.

This year’s nominations which have been marred by intrigue within parties have however raised questions over the increasing interest by candidates to join the assembly. Each legislator is entitled to two terms in office.



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