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Zombo detach raid: Army arrests 21 attackers

Major Ceaser Olweny 4th division UPDF Spokesperson who is currently commanding hunt for the attackers in the bushes of Zombo

Zombo, Uganda  | THE INDEPENDENT |  The army has arrested 21 people in connection with the raid of the Zombo Army Detach on Thursday.

Major Ceaser Olweny the UPDF Spokesperson for 4th division who is currently commanding the hunt for the attackers confirmed that 21 attackers have been arrested as of Saturday.

At least 23 civilians who raided Zombo army detach are feared dead with three of them reportedly killed by the locals in Nyapea and Janguokoro. 

An eye witness told URN this afternoon that one UPDF officer also died this morning bringing the number of dead officers to four.

According to the eye witness, the number of the dead attackers has reached 23 with 21 arrested, while that of the UPDF has reached four officers. He adds that local leaders have condemned the raid saying it has now ushered in suffering for the people involved.   

Major Ceaser Olweny said more of the attackers are still at large with some suspected to be hiding in the jungles of DR Congo.

According to sources within the security circles, more UPDF re-enforcement has been added to comb the Jungles of Ajere, Nyapea and Janguokoro and parts of DR Congo to get rid of the attackers



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