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Wycliff Kasiita; Urban vegetable farmer

By the Independent Team

Vegetables have always been a popular delicacy because of their nutritional value. But many especially in urban settings lack space to grow them at home, which forces them to fork large sums of money to buy them for their families.

But lack of space for a garden did not stop Wycliff Kasiita, a Social Sciences graduate, from growing and making money from vegetables. He grows them in banana stems, sacks and waste plastic containers.

“My intention was to sell the vegetables to neighbours at a cheaper price as I also compliment the income from contract jobs,” says Kasiita.

He started with banana stems, which he says stay for a long time and later picked on plastic bags that he hang outside the roof of his three bedroom house. He started by planting short root crops within the stems.

“I dig small holes in the stem with the help of a knife or panga, add a little soil, and plant crops like spinach, dodo and carrots. I also grow onions and tomatoes,” he adds. In the rainy season, Kasiita harvests rain water, which he uses to irrigate in the dry season.

Success tips; Proper planning

Because this kind of farming is done in areas with limited space, Kasiita advises that it is necessary to plan where to place what and how.

He says this allows plant growth even during dry periods without irrigation. This also helps to minimize space and resources.  It is also advisable to use fertilizers like compost chicken manure mixed with black soil to enrich it.

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