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Woman arrested for plotting husband’s murder

FILE PHOTO: Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire. 

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Bulaga Police Post is holding a woman alleged to have been caught in the process of hiring assassins to kill her husband. The woman identified as Jane Najjuuko, 29, was arrested yesterday after the people she contacted to murder her husband turned out to be police informers.

Preliminary findings indicate that Najjuuko, a resident of Ssumbwe Village in Wakiso District, had asked her friend to get her someone who could be paid to get rid of her husband Suleiman Nsubuga.

She was pointed to two men who she met near her home and agreed to pay 200,000 Shillings so they can break into her home at night and use a  machete to murder Nsubuga. But the two who were not genuine assassins instead took the information to Bulaga Police Post.

A plot was made by police and the informers to wait until she made a move to facilitate her arrest.

On Sunday morning, Najjuuko again called the two purported assassins and met them near her home. They discussed details of the plan; including how the home would be accessed in the wee hours of the night. Unknown to her, the interaction was recorded on video.

In the video, she is seen giving the men a handkerchief which she says contained Chloroform and 50,000 Shillings for them to buy a brand new machete. After being recorded giving all the evidence, she was rounded up by police officers who were waiting nearby.

Deputy Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire says that by the time of arrest, police had recorded enough evidence against Najjuuko.

Upon interrogation, Najjuuko confessed to having planned to have people break into the house as robbers. She, however, denied wanting to kill him but rather to injure him so she can take control of his business. “I wanted them to cut his leg off so he can stop working and I take control of the business,” Najjuuko’s statement in part reads.

However, by press time, Nsubuga, whom the suspect was planning to kill, was been seen pleading for his wife’s release.




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