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West Nile CSOs to name and shame corrupt officials

West Nile CSOs say naming and shaming corrupt individuals will reduce the vice

Arua, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Civil Society Organizations-CSOs in West Nile have vowed to name and shame individuals and organizations that are implicated in corrupt practices in the region.

The CSOs decision comes after a report from dialogues with communities on service delivery in key sectors of health, roads and water painted a deteriorating picture in most districts in the region.

According to a report from the Anti-Corruption Coalition in West Nile, MAYANK, the districts of Zombo, Arua and Yumbe showed poor performance in the implementation of government programmes according to the Auditor General’s account of districts in 2019.

Members of the West Nile CSOs say naming and shaming such individuals found corrupt will not only reduce the vice but also act as a lesson to others who might have such intentions.

According to Ernest Enzama, the Executive director of West Nile Anti-corruption coalition -MAYANK, corruption in the region is frustrating recovery of the region from the 17 years of the civil war that drew the region backwards in development.

According to Enzama, police should take up the challenge to arrest and prosecute officials implicated in corruption because it has a lasting negative bearing on the wellbeing of the intended beneficiary population.

But Micah Avubieng, the community liason officer Arua police has encouraged the CSOs and members of the community to cooperate with the police to arrest and prosecute such corrupt officers in government. He also calls on members of communities to promptly report suspected corruption cases to the nearest authorities.

As a result of corruption, Arua district NUSAF phase three activities are still suspended with 4.5 Billion Shillings suspended after the then desk officer Paul Edobo vanished with over UGX 401 million meant for community livelihood support.

To date, the officer is still at large. The report of the Auditor General 2019 on staffing in Arua district indicates that 333 million shillings was paid to staff who should not have been in service because they have reached retirement age.

Besides, 790,617,000 million was also found unaccounted for and over 43 million was found to have been paid to non-existing staff. In Yumbe district, the report indicates up to UGX 130 million was paid to staff many of whom are deceased.



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