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VIDEO: President Museveni warns striking doctors

VIDEO: President Museveni warns striking doctors

Kampala, Uganda | NTV UGANDA | As the doctor’s strike enters a fortnight, the president Yoweri Museveni has revealed that striking doctors who don’t return to work will be sacked.

He made the remarks while addressing a rally in Kabarole district. The doctors’ industrial action has paralyzed services in most government hospitals.

Museveni thanked medics in Kabarole who did not join the strike. He argued that government will soon good doctors to replace those he accused of betraying the country.


  1. He is the one betraying the country, not the doctors. I wonder how someone fighting for his rights betrays his country.

    • What did you expect from him? Now he says he is going to recruit “good doctors” to replace the strikers. Only God knows where Mr. President will get good doctors who will accept peanuts as remuneration.

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