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Unfulfilled pledges haunt incumbents in Bududa district

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Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Candidates in Bududa district are riding on the unfulfilled pledges by the incumbent leaders to garner support from the electorate.

The candidates who include Isaac Modoi and Esther Wetsetse, vying for the Lutseshe County and Bududa Woman MP seat respectively have taken advantage of the unfulfilled pledges by the incumbent candidates to request for votes from the people of Bududa.

During their door-to-door campaigns for votes, the candidates note that for over four years, the incumbent MPs have abandoned the electorate and failed to address the challenges affecting the area.

They cite the Lutseshe County incumbent, Godfrey Watenga Nabutanyi and Justine Khinza, the Bududa Woman MP who pledged to lobby for clean water, improved road network, electricity, and good health facilities to the people during the 2016 elections.

Wetsetse says that the district still lags in social services and that some of the families that lost property in mudslides of Bukalasi have not been relocated. She criticizes the incumbent MPs for turning a deaf ear to the concerns of the electorate.

However, Patrick Kibeti Nabutanyi, a supporter to Watenga Nabutanyi said it was because of Covid-19 that disrupted some of the plans they had for the people of Lutseshe County. He says that the incumbent has pledged to reach services to the people before the end of his term of office.

Elia khasakya, Emma Namondo, and Herbert Wamanga all residents of Bukalasi and Bushiyi respectively note that they elected their leaders basing on the pledges they made, however, they have realized that they wasted their time.

They argue that the roads, water and health services in the district are still a challenge.



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