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What Is Africa’s Problem? Poverty it is!

Africa has been described as a continent of despair, war, failed states just to mention a few. It’s a continent where leaders overstay in power. It’s a continent where corruption is rampant. Ask the men in the streets and everyone will offer their own thoughts on what’s possibly Africa’s problem. …

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Besigye: We undoubtedly Won the Elections

After the 2011 elections, all political parties (including NRM) concurred that electoral and political reforms were necessary in order to have free and fair elections in 2016. Proposed reforms were generated by various political formations; including, the Inter-Party Organisations Dialogue (IPOD-consisting of all parties represented in parliament), National Consultative Forum …

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28 Grounds Listed In The Petition Filed By Mbabazi

1. Your petitioner Amama Mbabazi is a person who was a candidate at the above mentioned Presidential Election and is an aggrieved candidate within the meaning of the Presidential Election Act. 2. And your petitioner states that the election was held on the 18th day of February 2016 when Abed …

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Mabirizi: Museveni Did Not Win The Election

I, Elton Joseph Mabirizi, independent presidential candidate and flag bearer of The Independent Coalition, TIC, congratulate the people of Uganda on turning up in large numbers to vote on February 18, 2016. I salute the 23 former presidential aspirants who put Uganda first, and backed my candidature. Through their individual …

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Is it Possible to Have 100 Percent Voter Turn Out?

The Electoral Commission finally uploaded results from all polling stations around Uganda for the Presidential Elections. On face value, everything seems okay until one begins to find out about Polling Stations with 100 Percent Voter Turn Out. Here’s where the Utopia sets in, Case in Point is the Nyabushozi Constituency. …

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