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Three Karimojong cattle rustlers shot dead in Bulambuli district

Karimojong warriors were stealing cattle, attacking and killing locals. File photo

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Police and Local Defense Units -LDUs have shot dead three Karimojong cattle rustlers and recovered 8 cows.

According to Peter Otisipaka, the Resident District Commissioner of Bulambuli district, the rustlers were caught by security stealing animals from Bunambutye and Bumufuni sub county.

Otispaka revealed that this followed complaints raised by locals at his office about cattle theft, attacks, and killings of locals by the Karimonjong warriors.

Ositipaka also says that this forced him to work with the DPC by deploying police and LDU patrols which succeeded in putting the three out of action and recovering eight animals which were later given back to the owners.

However, he urged locals to be security conscious by reporting any new unknown person to local authority or police. He also said that they have mounted more roadblocks and security patrols.

Joshua Gidudu and Patrick Matsanga, both residents from Bulambuli district also say that since elections ended, theft of animals in the district has increased due to relaxation of police curfew patrols.



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