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Tanzania Railways workers on strike

By The Independent Reporters

Workers of the Tanzania Railways Ltd (TRL) went on a go-slow in Dar es Salaam and upcountry stations last week to protest delays in payment of their salaries, leaving hundreds of upcountry passengers stranded.
The go-slow was apparently aimed at pressing the management to pay their August salaries amounting to TShs 520m (about UShs 780m) on time before they return to work. They complained that their monthly salaries had for months been issued late.

The go-slow affected the Mwanza and Kigoma bound train service, which had to be suspended.
As the Tanzania workers have the liberty to strike over pay, Ugandans are waiting for the time their once cheap means of transport will return to the rails.

Kenyan judge outlaws 210 ‘political’ districts

Kenya’s politics mirrors Uganda’s only that Kenyans move swiftly to change the tide of events. Last week, Kenya’s High Court judge, Justice Daniel Musinga delivered a milestone judgment in which he outlawed over 210 districts created by Moi and Kibaki since 1992. The ruling means the country remains with only 46 legal districts.

The High Court ruled that they were done in complete disregard of the law. Over the years, the executive had used new districts as goodies to sway the electorate to vote in a manner favourable to the system.

In the only seven years he has been in power, President Mwai Kibaki has created more than 180 districts while former president Daniel arap Moi created about 20 districts in 24 years of his rule.

Uganda too has witnessed a rapid creation of districts recently with the number growing from 33 twenty years ago to the current 99.

Germany to increase support to Rwanda

Germany has committed to increase its development support to Rwanda by almost 60 percent as the two nations’ make strides in their bi-lateral relations. This was part of the resolutions made at the just concluded bi-lateral discussions between government officials and their German counterparts aimed at strengthening ties.

In total, Germany’s new commitment for 2009-2010 comes to nearly Euros 39 million. The three confirmed priority areas of bilateral cooperation are; governance, health and family planning and sustainable economic development.

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Eugene Munyakayanza who headed the Rwandan side, expressed gratitude on behalf of government and assured its representatives that the funds will be put to good use.

The Germany envoy, Niels Breyer encouraged Rwanda to continue pursuing the direction underlined through the poverty reduction policy.


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