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MTN announces $1.6bn Nigeria investment

Abuja, Nigeria | AFP |  South African mobile giant MTN has said it will make investments worth $1.6 billion (1.45 billion euros) in Nigeria as it seeks to put a series of legal wrangles to bed. The telecommunications firm said late Wednesday that its top executives made the announcement during …

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Nigerians turn to traditional brew as economy staggers

Benue, Nigeria | AFP |  Government worker Iorliam Shija sits in one of the ramshackle bars along the banks of the Benue river in central Nigeria sipping from a gourd filled with frothy burukutu. The vinegary alcoholic beverage has been made here for generations from the fermented grains of sorghum and …

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MTN says Nigeria has withdrawn $2bn tax demand

Lagos, Nigeria | AFP |  Mobile giant MTN has said that Nigeria’s attorney general had withdrawn a demand for around $2 billion in back taxes in the latest step towards resolving its legal woes with the authorities. The South African telecommunications firm has already battled back a string of financial …

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Hundreds flee fearing Boko Haram after Chad army leaves Nigeria

N’Djamena, Chad | AFP |  Chad has ended a months-long mission fighting Boko Haram in neighbouring Nigeria and withdrawn its 1,200-strong force across their common border, an army spokesman told AFP on Saturday. “It’s our troops who went to aid Nigerian soldiers months ago returning home. They have finished their mission,” …

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Southern Niger reels after Nigeria closes borders

Dan Issa, Niger | AFP | Nothing crosses into Nigeria and nothing comes out. It’s hermetically sealed,” said Amadou Idi, sitting in a makeshift shelter to keep out of the rain, and reflecting on the downturn in his luck. “We twiddle our thumbs and pray.” Idi’s job is a transiting agent …

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Nigeria’s Buhari unveils record $33.8 billion budget

Abuja, Nigeria | AFP |  Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday unveiled a record budget plan to lawmakers, ramping up ambitious spending goals for his second term in charge. The draft budget increased more than 13 percent from last year at 10.33 trillion naira — around $33.8 billion (30.8 billion …

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