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Stanchart launches Offshore Mutual Funds

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Standard Chartered Bank Uganda has launched an offshore Mutual Funds product for their clients during a press conference held at Kampala Serena Hotel and presided over by the Bank’s CEO, Sanjay Rughani and Keith Kalyegira, the CEO, Capital Markets Authority among other executives.

With this proposition, the Bank’s clients will enjoy access to hundreds of underlying equities or bonds from Blue-chip companies in the US, Europe, UK, Asia and emerging markets in different sectors like healthcare, technology, real estate and ESG or green investments.

This proposition is a first of its kind in Uganda and will provide the Bank’s clients with an affordable and diverse way to put their money to work in some of the world’s most promising markets. What differentiates this product is its affordability as any individual client can start investing from as low as USD 100 (approx. Shs370,000) with a simple monthly plan and they can invest in USD, EUR and GBP. Furthermore, clients will easily and conveniently invest in these offshore Mutual Funds as well as cash out their investment at any time at market value.

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