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MOTORING: Why is Subaru Forester so popular?

Kampala, Uganda | MOTORING GURU | “When it comes to versatility there’s no vehicle like the Subaru Forester. It has it all: performance, reliability, economy and function. Subaru’s engineering and track record are exceptional.” Words written in 2004 when Subaru’s latest offering at the time; the Subaru Forester 2.5XT (T-for turbo) …

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Driver spots snake at his car window

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | An Australian man experienced the fright of his life recently after a venomous snake scaled his car window as he drove home. Ted Ogier said he spotted the black, red-bellied snake slithering alongside his car from the hood of his car. It wrapped itself around …

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MOTORING: Plastics are the future of cars

Kampala, Uganda | AGENCIES | From high-end sports cars to your everyday minivan, plastics have revolutionised the automotive industry. Some of the newest, most cutting-edge vehicles can give a glimpse at how plastics will continue to “drive” future automotive innovation. These vehicles represent significant advances in manufacturing, safety, design, performance, and …

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Volkswagen clinches record sales in 2017

Frankfurt am Main, Germany | AFP | Germany’s Volkswagen said Wednesday it sold a record number of vehicles in 2017, putting it on track to hold on to the title of world’s largest carmaker two years after its “dieselgate” emissions scandal. Some 10.74 million vehicles from VW or its subsidiaries …

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MOTORING: Best Selling cars of 2017

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The Chinese market racked up sales of two million cars a month in 2017, according to Jato Dynamics, a global supplier of automotive business intelligence based in the UK with offices in 45 countries. It supplies automotive intelligence for more than 50 markets. China beat …

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