Tuesday , August 16 2022
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MOTORING: AMG to ditch V12 engines

Kampala, Uganda | MOTORING GURU | Say it isn’t so! Mercedes-AMG expected to adopt hybrid turbo V8 as its flagship engine As the march of technology continues and emissions regulations begin to bite, automotive juggernauts will fall by the wayside. Case in point, the Mercedes-AMG M279 engine, known outside Benz nerd …

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MOTORING: New Volkswagen Touareg

China chosen as launch site of Volkswagen’s new ‘premium’ flagship Kampala, Uganda | MOTORING GURU | Volkswagen has abandoned the United States in favour of China for the world debut of its third-generation Touareg – because that’s where the money is. And you will need plenty of money to get into …

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MOTORING: Driving on muddy roads

It might be wiser to reverse and try another way Kampala, Uganda | MOTORING GURU | In our continuing series on driving during the rainy season, we explore the slippery issue of driving on muddy roads and avoiding getting stuck. Driving in the mud skills usually come in handy when you …

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MOTORING: Driving in the rain

Kampala, Uganda | MOTORING GURU | Do you know the best precautions to take and how to practice safe driving in the wet weather? Here are some tips can add on your list: Before driving: • Make sure all vehicle lights are working properly: headlights, tail lights, brake lights, signal lights, …

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Safe Boda in a new campaign

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Uganda’s motorcycle hailing firm, SafeBoda, has unveiled a new year-long campaign dubbed YourCityRide aimed at encouraging people to go out and discover the best of Kampala City. The campaign will feature among others, city tour, street food festival and a boda themed street fashion …

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Opting out of A-Level

More students are joining technical institutions, many more might be simply falling off Kampala, Uganda | RONALD MUSOKE | A growing number of students is increasingly opting out of Advanced Level education stirring mixed reactions amongst educationists and officials at the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB), The Independent reveals. Speaking during …

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Toyota to stop selling diesel cars in Europe

Geneva, Switzerland | AFP | Japanese car giant Toyota announced Monday that it will stop selling diesel cars in Europe, beginning the phase-out this year. “Diesel will be phased out in our passenger cars in 2018,” Johan van Zyl, president of Toyota Motor Europe, said in Geneva, where Europe’s first …

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