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Disguised Uganda minister catches corrupt hospital workers

Disguised Uganda minister Opendi catches corrupt hospital workers Kampala, Uganda | AFP |  Uganda’s State Minister of Health for General Duties disguised herself as a patient and caught two medical workers demanding a bribe for free government services, she told AFP on Saturday. Health State Minister Sarah Opendi said she …

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Five die as Pneumonic plague resurfaces in Madagascar

Antananarivo, Madagascar | AFP |  Pneumonic plague has killed five people in Madagascar since August, a top health official told AFP on Thursday, but stressed the situation was under control. “We have detected 22 suspected cases of pneumonic plague, including five deaths,” said senior health ministry official Willy Randriamarotia. “There …

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HEALTH: Dirty truth in diapers

Their contents might give clues your baby’s brain development Can the kinds of microbes colonising the gut at age one predict later cognitive development? New findings shed light on the surprising role of bacteria in how our brains develop during the first years of life. If you’re the parent of …

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WHO sounds alarm over DRCongo cholera epidemic

Kinshasa, DR Congo | AFP |  The World #Health Organization on Saturday sounded the alarm over a #cholera outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo which has already claimed 528 lives and reached “worrying proportions”. The UN says cholera is a major public health problem in the country with millions …

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Good and bad news on aspirin and colon cancer: study

Paris, France | AFP |  Daily aspirin use — known to reduce the risk of colon cancer — could also make the disease harder to treat if it does occur, researchers reported Wednesday. The new findings based on mathematical modelling, If confirmed statistically and in the lab, would mean that …

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Overcrowding in emergency rooms

A new study identifies four key strategies to reduce overcrowding in emergency rooms A new study into overcrowding in hospital emergency rooms has concluded that it all starts with the leaderships. Apparently, if the executive leadership of the facility is engaged, it can alleviate the problem when combined with a …

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