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Garbage chocks Gulu city, alarms national physical planners

Gulu City have been faulted over poor garbage management

Gulu, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT |  Officials at Gulu City have been faulted over poor garbage management, which is compromising public health barely five months after attaining a city status.

A joint team of officials from the National Physical Planning Board (NPPB) and Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development also  discovered after in a spot check that Gulu City has declined to get rid of street vendors practice, which is affecting the tax base of the newly created city.

Speaking during a stakeholders sensitization meeting held in Gulu City on Friday last week Richard Juuko, the undersecretary Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development disclosed that if no punitive measures are put in place then the recent glory of Gulu City which  was highly rated in the implementation of Uganda Support to Municipal Infrastructure Development (USMID) program, may be outshined by poor garbage management.

Only last month, Gulu residents woke up to the shocking sight of a human leg lying in the middle of Eden Road. It was later that the leg had been stolen by a dog from the general hospital where it had been carelessly thrown away after amputation from a robbery suspect who had been shot in action and brought for treatment. Reckless garbage handling even by professionals who understand the hazards arising is placing the health of the residents in danger.

Juuko, who congratulated the stakeholders in northern Uganda for Gulu’s attaining city status, pledged that his ministry would work hand in hand with experts to ensure the City develops according to lay down government plans.

Amanda Ngabirano, the chairperson of National Physical Planning Board cautioned that poor garbage management affects the growth of a city by making it unattractive to the people and potential investors.

She adds that, due to the unregulated crowding of street vendors in Gulu City several walkways have become impassable for pedestrians.

Gulu deputy mayor Paulin Lukway, said people in Gulu City are not mindful of their environment, which was why they keep on littering the City.

Susan Anyeko, the Grade I magistrate for Amuru and Nwoya districts who represented the Gulu Chief Magistrate during the sensitization meeting said uncollected garbage has messed up Gulu City.

Gulu City Clerk, Edward Kiwanuka Gwavu, said Gulu is grappling with numerous challenges because of high demand for better service delivery from the City dwellers.

He said previously Gulu Municipality served a population of 152,000 but after attaining a City status the population has risen to 300,000 people.

Gwavu, said more administrative units have been annexed to form the newly created Gulu City which is currently five times larger than the Gulu Municipal Council.

He said Gulu Municipal Council covered 54 square kilometers unlike Gulu City, which is covering 240 square kilometers.



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