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Expectant mothers in Bududa district decry lack of Mama kits

Expectant Mothers Lack of Mama Kits in Bududa district

Bududa, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT |  Expectant mothers have decried the lack of mama kits at in health facilities in Bududa District. 

A mama kit, which is also known as Clean Delivery Kit, includes; 500 grams of cotton wool, baby soap, two razor blades, 2 polythene sheets, two gauze pieces, three surgical gloves, and an immunization card.

The Ministry of Health provides mama kits to health centers to aid pregnant mother at the time of delivery. 

Suzan Malomo an expectant mother from Bulucheke Sub County said she visited two health centers of Bulucheke and Bushiyi and there were no mama kits.

Annet Wabwema from Bukibokolo Sub County said she delivered last week from Bududa hospital but she was not given mama kits forcing her to use her torn clothes. 

Brenda Nambuya an expectant mother from Busiriwa says that due to lack of the kits, mothers have no option but deliver with the help of traditional birth Attendants-TBAs.

She says that the TBAs have everything needed to help a woman deliver.

William Kotaki the in -charge Bulucheke Health Center III says that the Ministry of Health is yet to deliver mama kits to health facilities in the district.  He adds that Midwives at the facility are going through hard times to handle delivery due to lack of mama kits.

Kotaki says that more than 80 expectant mothers give birth at the facility every month. He, however, says that the number has since reduced to 70 due to shortage of Maama kits.



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