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Skin and hair care entrepreneur Rutebemberwa shows how


Peninah Rutebemberwa is a tele communications engineering graduate who took on self employment upon the expiry of her four-year work contract with an engineering firm in 2014. She started Moisture Well, a skin and hair care products business, on discovering a growing demand for natural hair and skin products.

The number one way to keep one’s skin and hair healthy and glowing is to moisturise with natural products as they are relaxing and therapeutic, says Rutebemberwa, adding, “I blend the ingredients in their natural form because I want people to be nourished and feel safe.”


She makes a range of products including lip balm, hair and skin butter as well as other moisturising oils. While it is currently a one-man business, Rutebemberwa plans to employ a business manager and financial controller to make and implement effective business decisions. To her, the value of the product determines its price.  As soon as she gets the products into someone’s hands, she is certain of positive feedback from recommendations that are got through network marketing.

She has since undertaken a course in accounting and finance to be able to make good business development decisions.

Success tip: A unique extra mile

In addition to making a good product that can deliver results, Rutebemberwa recommends developing a unique extra mile that can hardly be replicated by competitors.  “It is not enough to make a quality product. I strive to get feedback from clients to know whether the product fixed their skin and hair problems.

I also give additional knowledge on product usage and ingredients,” she says. Her biggest challenge remains lack of confidence among Ugandans in home-made products.

While she maintains her goal of making products from home-grown materials that can also be available, Rutebemberwa also plans to build a home brand that people can own and associate with.


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