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Serial car robber given 100 years in jail

Kampala, Uganda | GODFREY SSALI | A notorious car robber has been sentenced to 100 years imprisonment by the High Court in Kampala.

This is the 3rd time 33-year-old Musa Kalule has been convicted of a similar offence in addition to having two pending case files .

According to court documents, Kalule has a history of escaping from lawful custody, lying on oath and his most recent crime is reported to have bitten his wife’s nose off when she had gone to visit him on remand at Luzira prison.

Kalule decided to disfigure his wife whom he suspected of having an extra-marital affair, and has a separate case file pending trial before Luzira Magistrates court.

Justice Moses Kazibwe Kawumi convicted Kalule on charges murder and aggrevated robbery, sentenced him to 50 years for each crime but said the punishment is to run concurrently.

The judge noted that Kalule’s conduct was not of a person ready to reform.

Evidence proved that on February 02, 2013, Kalule while armed with a hammer, rope and iron -bar murdered a special hire driver John Bosco Zziwa at Matugga in Wakiso district, and later robbed him of his motor vehicle before dumping his body in a swampy sugarcane plantation.

A Congolese national to whom Kalule had sold the vehicle caused his arrest after police recovered the vehicle on March 17, 2014 in Arua -Town in Northern Uganda, with Congolese number plates but evident Ugandan number plates scribbled on the wind screens and side mirrors.


  1. Marvin Nyanzi Ssentamu

    He just needs counselling imprisonment cant work it will just make him bitter.

  2. He’s such a cruel serial killer n robber… He deserves it bcz he’s merciless n a monster, reaching to the extent of even biting off his wife’s nose??? This is real tragedy, let him be a lesson to the rest, tired of robbery..

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