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RWANDA: Remembering victims of the 1994 genocide

“You are not alone”

Sister Immaculee Uwamariya founder of Famille Espérance (loosely meaning Hope family) called on survivors to avoid isolating themselves or harbouring anger against the perpetrators, saying that forgiving and reconciliation are the only anecdotes of the pain they suffered.

The catholic nun who shared a message of hope at the commemoration noted that some survivors still harboured resentment, anger or usually blamed themselves for what happened. “These situations can be eased through reconciliation and forgiveness,” she noted.

RSSB’s message at the commemoration focused mainly on echoing the Board’s promise to surviving families of former CSR employees lost to the genocideagainst the Tutsi and to all survivors in general that they will never be left alone, that all Rwandans are with them in the fight to heal and rebuild.


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