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Qatar companies seek partnerships with Ugandan firms

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Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | At least fifteen companies from Qatar are in Uganda to search for partnership opportunities with Ugandan counterparts.

The companies are in six sectors, including manufacturing and agro-processing, which will be led to Uganda by the Qatar Development Bank in Uganda between September 10-11, 2019.

Private Sector Foundation Uganda-PSFU Executive Director Gideon Badagawa told reporters in Kampala on Monday that their coming gives the private sector opportunity to network.

Badagawa said the engagement will facilitate the understanding of companies from either country on the opportunities available in each side.

Ambassador Simon Ajiku, the acting Head of Mission at the Uganda Embassy in Qatar, said the engagement will help develop deeper ties with Qatar.

Although Uganda trades noticeably with Qatar’s neighbours including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan, it does not trade much with Qatar currently. However, there is hope that engagement with companies from the Middle East state could boost trade between the two countries.



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  1. Are the other four sectors top secret or did your money run out before urn could tell you more than 2? Do Haggai Matsiko and Andrew Mwenda still work there?
    This article is like those messages a house gives. Omugenyi yazze. You barely give the date. No itennary, location or actionable details.
    Here is a tip, always ask yourself, “so what?”, when you write an article.
    “the visitors of Qatar came. They said they will come back. One the were six but I can only describe two.”

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