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PS Bigirimana sues ULC over SH345 million debt

PS Bigirimana talks to the press. He has sued ULC

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The Permanent Secretary Ministry of Gender Pius Bigirimana has sued the Uganda Land Commission over a debt arising from land purchase.

According to the documents filed before the Civil Division of High Court, Bigirimana says that on July, 22nd 2015 he sold his land located in Bulemezi, Nakabioto and Nakigozi Luwero District to ULC.

Bigirimana says the Chief Government Valuer valued the land at 504 million shillings. He, however, says that ULC only paid him 159 million shillings in instalments remaining with a balance of 345 million shillings.

Bigirimana states that on October, 12th 2016 he forwarded all the necessary land documents to the Accounting Officer of the Land Commission which included certificate of title of the land in question as well as duly signed forms for payment in vain.

“I waited for payment of the full sale proceeds by the purchaser on my account number which I had advised the purchaser on details whereof I had furnished. The developments above notwithstanding, the accounting officer of the purchaser chose to settle the payment of sale proceeds in a manner that was not in my consent”, the document reads partly.

Bigirimana says that when he asked his bankers for a statement showing payment, he realised that he was being paid in instalments, which wasn’t in the agreement. He further contends that up to date, he has never been paid his balance.

Through his lawyer, Frank Kanduho, Bigirimana now wants the High Court to determine five grounds including whether the Accounting officer has the freedom to selectively pay claimants from the Land Fund or pay Bigirimana or any other claimant in instalments at intervals of his or her choice.

Also to be determined is whether the balance by Bigirimana should be recovered from the Land Commission immediately within the time set by court.

Bigirimana further wants court to decide whether the balance should be paid with interest rate set by court.

The High Court has since issued original summons to the Secretary to the Land Commission and their lawyers to file its defense before the matter is allocated for hearing.



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