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President’s COVID-19 update set for Monday 8pm


President Yoweri Museveni to outline government plans on Monday, 8pm

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | With Uganda’s COVID-19 statistics heading towards 300, President Yoweri Museveni is expected to reassure the nation on Monday on steps to control the pandemic, and ease the lockdown.  Lindah Nabusayi, Press Secretary to the President confirmed this Sunday.

When President Museveni last addressed the nation, the confirmed cases were less than 100, but are now at 227 with the cumulative number of foreign truck drivers who have tested positive for COVID-19 in Uganda at a record 125.

He is expected to explain two key measures, the testing of drivers before they return, and return of Ugandans from abroad.

Early in the week, news broke that some Ugandans had been given permission to return, this despite the President clearly stating Uganda’s borders had been closed to passenger traffic.

🔸 24 new cases (truck drivers)
✳ 71,773 Overall tests done
✳ 227 Confirmed cases
✳ 63 Recoveries
✳ 0 deaths


  1. so is he closing the border or what?
    because we are tired and we want to go back to our normal lives!!!

  2. Lift transport within regions only.

  3. The ministry of health has to look around and plan with the state government on how to protect the truck drivers from contracting the virus or see how to manufacture some drug which will be helping as antiviral drugs

  4. The most people who are at risk of these virus are the truck drivers so the government has to do something or else we are going to stay in this lockdown forever

  5. ezera nasasira

    for real they are playing a gamd with polite ugandans,but God is watching them

  6. Nakuru philimon

    Thanks for your hard work ,,don’t give up

  7. Here in west nile,we are suffering the most.This covid has brought a lot of segregation and I feel inferior because in other areas people are benefiting.Rate of corruption and politics are at the pick.I urge the govt to be realistic…let worship places be open…Be aware! satan is already rulling the world.

  8. Try your best to save our lives but ensure that the security personnel are doing the right job…some are beating around the bush.

  9. Does it mean that we shall remain in this state for life, what if corona is here to stay, shall we never move again, abandon church, work, and our daily duties, the president and his advisors have to look past this disaster otherwise, Corona is here to stay

    • If corona is to stay like HIV then we can not stay in lockdown much emphasis is to be put on mandatory use of facemask other than restricting movements . Its when people move that they can get to work and survive .I there4 ask the govt open public means of transport across the country and observe the health guidelines to prevent corona virus spread.

  10. Everyone would be pleased to fundraise to the prevention and cure of the deadly corona virus in our beloved country Uganda, but the challenge is that we have started to see money being given out to different categories of people to take to their people they represent yet the country is calling upon every company to deduct 10,000 USH from all its workers, As a concerned Ugandan who has spent all the years I have on this planet paying my tax as obliged, i beg that the government should nolonger take this as an opportunity to solicit funds to use for its own motives,, You are playing tooooo much politics and we are therefore tired,

  11. Nahurira Catherine

    Since these truck drivers who are putting Uganda on a map of covid 19 cases are well managed so far,remember No new cases in the population,why don’t Ugandans be allowed to be free from Lock down? Ugandans are now punished for nothing,we are toiling in all aspects most especially private teachers,our dear President think about us.

  12. For close to two months now, not only the govt but also any other common person has known the effects and reasonable ways of minimizing the causes. Through tight boarder check and compulsory 2week quarantine for Ugandans coming back. New rules on public transport and regulated associations. Corona shall not rule people as if people don’t reason enough.

  13. let the government stop the trunks coming in the county be on hold for week and study the situation because it has tuned into another story

  14. let the government stop the trunks coming in the county for week and study the situation because it has tuned into another story

    • Please Mr Museveni incase you are to ease the lockdown explain well on the issue of business rent because many of us the youth are low income earners how can’t handle abusiness rent of three months please help us

  15. Denish okello from kitgum district

    Government should realised the effects of the lockdown on the people of ug not only focusing on corona other Wise if the lockdown continued another disaster might come over like famine, poverty and many other as wealth creation team has been fighting them

  16. If he could help us atleast and close the boarder,, otherwise corona is being imported,,,,,

  17. are we going to die if these truck drivers are stopped from coming into our country? ease public transport within the country otherwise most of us are starving

  18. Satan is now at the highest peak of his rule, Imagine up to the extend of closing the churches, this are Holy places. But God said in 2chronicles.7:15-16, that my eyes will be open and my ears attentive to every prayer made in this place. 16 For I have chosen this temple and set it apart to be Holy _ a place where my name will be honored forever. I will watch over it, for it is dear to my heart. please ease some restrictions and we go back to worship in this holy places and God will take control of this Covid19, God bless our country Uganda.

  19. STI 1499 is yet to be circulated. We’ll live to remember this period. i hear threatening rumors of world war 3!

  20. I think Mr. President should ease on public transport like buses and taxi, then you put preventive measures before entering bus or taxi park. Lock trucks for atleast one week. Otherwise, we following the directive.

  21. Buses and taxi should transport people from park to park not finding passengres along the road. Thank you!

  22. M7 is only benefiting from truck drivers not we uganda what are truck carrying are they carrying Jesus? Every commodity we consume nowdays comes within Uganda except salt what are trucks carrying?
    We are tired of fake president who can not mind about his people and he forgot that one day another person shall sit in that chair where he mistreat people especially citizens
    For God and My country

  23. If this truck drivers not been stop it is mean we shall still be in trouble of covid 19 rises in uganda as well as the lockdown will progress to infinity

  24. Levy Kwiocwiny

    only truck drivers who tests negative for covid-19 should be allowed in to the country now that there is a new state of the art PCR Machine aquired by he UNHLS.

  25. M7 shoult thing of Ugandans coz this COVID-19 lockdown has brought alot of isues like divorce,murder,theft,poverty,suicide and many others. So u can’t leave your ugandans to suffer like this for long lift transport,work and other things.

  26. Okwalina richard

    Mr president thank u for ur love to ur pple, now my request to u is that with ur wisdom and health team can try to get some sustainable means of containing this corona while seeing some aspects of life going on fairly and i want us to begin seeing corona like any other illness which has come to stay

  27. Mr president that wisdom God has given to u is great, now i still request u with that very wisdom to see that places of worship are opened but u give those SOPS to be observed carefully however this reguest is at ur discretion to consider

  28. You really love your people, we are going to congratulate you Sir after this serious problem for what have done.

    Internal movement only and trucks drivers can stop at the borders offload the goods and our drivers must uploaded to the districts with in the country.

    Thanks you.

  29. Why can the govt let us suffer so there is no CORONA virus in Africa especially in Uganda what the govt of Uganda is doing now is called politics can you imagine since the first person to be affected by the virus in Uganda till today he still alive how is it possible? so my question is why can’t the govt release us because we are now tired of situation of CORONA virus in other countries people are seriously helped by the govt but if we are to look very well Uganda is first country in collecting taxes in Africa and number one also in terms of politics set us free we are not prisoners even if you delay up to 2022 still there will be elections right? yes that is it. We are tired.We need freedom. We have the right to move freely.We are not foreigners.

  30. Everyone is saying I have lost weight. They have forgotten that I am again in a boarding school (lock down) with a serious headmistress! Please can some one let us out of home!

  31. I first thank God for his mercy upon our country.
    Truck drivers should be tested before crossing into the country, anyone positive should not be allowed into the country.
    Atleast transport within the country should be allowed but people put on masks.
    Worship Places also can be allowed.

  32. re-open schools for the children

  33. Truckers should be tested and wait for the results, if Ugandans can close their businesses for all this time, whats wrong with truckers waiting for only two days?? otherwise Covid will find us in our homes and we lose twice like charcoal. i will be listening to his excellence this evening

  34. madam teacher esther

    thank you mr president for the love
    truck drivers can wait like we have been house arrested in our homes
    i dont think truck drivers are better than us your own people
    at least truck drivers who are positive should be allowed to cross the border for the safety of ugandans
    for God and my country

  35. Is the govt taking the advantage of the pandemic as an opportunity to demand for money from everyone?? I hear deduct 10,000ugx from every workers, sincerely how can you deduct this money yet someone has not been working for 2months and you want to benefit from him,do you really have that heart of humanity or you want to create another pandemic called poverty to Ugandans, please help us open worship places and schools for the young generations otherwise Corona is here to stay.GOD FOR US ALL.

  36. Odonga Santo Otto

    Wat of the factories who are using the advantage of the covid 19 pendamic to reduce of workers without supporting them in any way, like Tembo stills who maneged to support the central Government wit 100,000,000ugx and brand new car falling to support workers in any way in dis critical condition.


    The reality is that the virus is not in ugandan who are locked down,better to deal with truck drivers critically such that we go back to normal.Love u our M7.

  38. Elly Gift from West nile.

    Mr president please re-open our churches and mosques and allow internal movements with clear SOPs, but for the truck drivers please and please let them wait for their results before prolonging their journey to and from Uganda. if we can wait all this far how about the truck drivers who are even foreigners, release us i beg.

  39. Thylummyba Kizito

    Corona is a new disease just like any other, and here to stay. We cannot stay locked down forever. Set up a national corona programe just like TB, AIDS, etc. Stop using corona to rip ugandans off! You are enriching yourselves, masses are dying. The sick cant get to hospital, LDUs are shooting at will, but truck drivers have all the freedom with their virus!

  40. Byaruhanga Benarf

    The main issue is about if the restrictions are to be eased which is fine which measures should be put in place to reduce contacts between truck drivers and the locals.
    Secondly is the issue of polous borders of the country. We may lose sight and at one point we find ourselves have contracted the disease from the intruders who use those panyas into the country.
    Lastly is about the future plan the government has for the people of Uganda after the pandemic.

  41. Magara Ismail, Cavendish University Uganda

    Given the fact that Uganda is landlocked, if we blocked
    comodity trucks into our country, then prices for goods could have trippled or even more. We can not live without other essential items that we don’t produce locally e.g. salt. Our only problem is failure to detect and contain infected truck drivers in time. This increases our costs to quarantine contacts in Uganda. Suggestions 1. Truck drivers be consistently tested from departure countries through every standpoint to their final destinations so as to detect cases missed during incubation periods. 2. Truck drivers can wait for their results at testing ponts since we now have machines that detect the viruses in less than a day. Here we only need to deploy alot of these machines to Uganda’s trucks’ entry points

  42. 18 may 2020.
    I okagi from tororo, first & foremost i would like to salute Mr President.
    I suggest day Mr President should sympathize with his kids

  43. Onekalit Samuel Hillary from padre district

    The boarder should be close due to trucks drivers

    • John Ewesit Ebenyo

      I followed the speech keenly yesterday and I was impressed with practical ways of managing the three entry enemy points.

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